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Hello, I’ve put a short list of quality of life updates that would be awesome if added to the game. Some of these might have already been requested. If so, I apologize if it’s a repeat.

  1. Swipe left/right. Be able to swipe left or right when viewing heroes (example: viewing opposing raid team, your hero’s team or in your hero roster and troops).

  2. Leaders chat channel. Give the leaders of an alliance a separate channel to be able to communicate privately in game.

  3. View greyed out crafting options when crafting something . To able to view other crafting options while crafting something would allow us to view materials required for those options giving us the ability to pre-plan for future crafting. This would apply to training camps, forge, hunter lodge, and alchemy lab

  4. Hero max level button. While viewing a hero, have a small button(maybe a question mark ?) to allow us to view what the hero will be at max level.

Thank you!

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Not really sure about the first one but I would definitely be pleased if 2-4 were implemented in future updates. Especially 3.

For #1, currently, if you want to view an opposing team’s heroes, you click on the one you want to view and then need to click the X to close it. If you want to view another hero, you would have to repeat the process.

With swiping left/right, you would click the hero that you want to view and the swipe left or right to see the others.

It’s really not that big of a deal but it cleans the process up and makes it easier to view the other hero’s. Also, the red X would remain so if you’re one of those old school type of people, you could continue doing the current process.


Also, if you like the idea(s), don’t forget to submit your vote. The more votes, the better the odds of it being implemented

This is the alternative to a in-game gallery of all heroes I’ve proposed yesterday. It doesn’t allow you seeing heroes you don’t have, but at least gives you information about future heroes at your disposal.

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It’s preferable to have a separate thread for each idea, rather than mixing them together. That way they can be discussed and voted on.

We also endeavor to consolidate discussion and voting on each particular idea to a single thread, without duplicates, so it has greater visibility for the game designers.

In this case, I think ideas 1, 2, and 4 have several existing threads:

For this idea:

I’m not sure if it’s been suggested before — I don’t recall seeing it recently, at least.

So you could make a thread just for that one.

Since the other ideas are unrelated and duplicate other threads, I’ll close this thread.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


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