QoH's Taunt minion should never be replace by other minions

(Queen of Hearts taunt minion should always be dominant over other minions) This is more of an issue I noticed. When playing with the Queen of Hearts and other minion heros on the same team I noticed that once a third minion has been introduced to the Queen her taunt minion is kicked out of her line up. Playing with Freya, QoH, Bera and Telluria in that order the queen with a taunt, + freya and beras minions = 3 minions on the QoH, once Tell goes off the queens taunt minion is replaced with the tells minion. My point is the taunt minion should never be replaced by any other minions while it is alive, so your not throwing your taunt away.

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Its criteria game that fresh minions generation is always replaced over old…And tellys minions is so stubborn they can replace any other minion

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Then maybe don’t use a bunch of other minion heros with her. Or don’t fire them.


Im in favor Base minion should not be replaced by other minion…Coz some minions or weaker than others but still they replace it negatively affect the game

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