QoH special text in English on Portuguese card

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Part of the info is in English, not Portuguese


Still not fixed in the latest update

Why do I bother to report issues…:roll_eyes:

Thank you for the report, we’ll look into this and hope to get it fixed in the next version!


Didn’t you say you were in software development? You literally reported this bug less than 48h before the latest minor rev release, and it’s not exactly a game-breaking issue. Even if SG saw the report in time, I’d be shocked if they would have up-prioritized it for instant fix.


Not to dive too deeply into the offtopic realm, but:

  • yes, 48h to fix a translation that already exists (probably the key changed from v1 to v2) is too long;
  • submiting a release and not fixing a BC, it’s not good for business;
  • have to submit a new build to the Apple Store/Google Play when u need to fix some translation?!?! 2019! I’m sure they nailed this one already, right? :wink:

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