QoH How does she fare (Queen of Hearts)

I’ve been working on QoH and almost to the point of giving her rings. She’s my only red 5* and would like to know what others thoughts are on her. Is she only situational or do you guys find that she’s good on all facets of the game.

She is a good tank… You can give a ring to her and marry her but be careful with your head!!!

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She’s a great tank, if you have no other reds I’d give her the rings.

The QOH function is not tank at all, it can be used as well as any other with good figures, but its ideal performance is the flank. The tank is already damaged by itself, it is already white and the queen has more utility to attract attacks. As flank of Geneva and in substitution of Marjana I have noticed a slight improvement in my results, although its greatest virtue in my opinion is the attack, but always as a flank.


What @Ber said,
QoH is best at flank so that the minion with taunt isn’t killed immediately by tiles. This also gives a reprieve to the tank which may be healed or at the very least buy a bit more time.


I use Qo❤️ as a flank as well. I maxed her and have no regrets. I find her excellent in raids, titans, and trials.

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Excellent. The only word I can describe.

The only hero to truly nullify any AOE hitter.

Yes, a killer of those double GM setups. With my QoH at 4/63 in my offense team, I went up to world‘s no. 14, the highest I can get to with my limited heroes, I think.

She’s fantastic, and will get better as you upgrade your other cards, add mana troops, etc

Having used her so much, you get to a point where you feel meh without her…

When you pick other cards - you need to change your thinking just a tad to “how would x card help the Queen?”

Her special is that good

Flank or right corner (if you field multiple reds) is best

Other minion makers (red hood, Delilah) help protect her taunt
Wilbur spreads her damage around
Ariel’s mana boost
HoT toons, shielded, ele buffers, etc.

You’ll find yourself getting stronger putting in some charectors that don’t necessarily get an A on their own, but instead have great synergy with a unique/new special

One point - don’t build everything around her, as Captain D will smack her silly if you can’t burn him down…

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She can tank, but she’s the premiere flank. You’ve got the makings of a very strong D with her on board. Congrats.

I find myself in the same position as yourself. My only5* red I’m waiting on one set of mystic rings. I have her as tank with a big, big advantage Wilbur at her side if you get there specials off, mana potion there’s no stoping you she takes the hits with reduced damage and minions aplenty the enemy’s specials bounce off the team, two cautions but, 1 you have to get the special off and 2 not all specials are deflected

I once met her when she was in corner. When she went off I wasn’t able to kill her with tiles because flank was protecting her, couldn’t use special skills on enemies and had trouble killing her with special as she got def bonus Vs special skills. I lost that fight.

In offense I use her with Wilbur and Wu Kong (complete: Kiril, Wilbur, Wu Kong, QoH, Agwe), Sand Empire was really easy with them. In defense Cyprian is my tank, she’s on his right side. I don’t want to use Wilbur for defense.
She’s at 3/70 now, I think she’ll get the rings after finishing my red 4* projects.

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