Q) What do Titans Taste Like? A) Lobster Stew - - - Welcoming Active Members - 10*/11* Titans

Lobster Stew formed just under two weeks ago.
We are the active core of what was a moribund alliance. In less that two weeks we have already killed a 6* Titan and hope to be back up to 8* shortly (Thank you for your good advice @General_Confusion).
First and foremost, we like each other and our alliance . We would like friendly, active players to join us, you help us grow while we help you grow.
We have a supportive atmosphere, we are active in chat (LINE AP), and try to nurture our newer members.
We DO have basic war strategy (tank matching) and two basic, non-negotiable rules that are related:

  • Respect your teammates
  • If you Opt In to War you MUST use your flags

This is a game, have fun playing it with LOBSTER STEW

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We are now up to 24 players at exactly four weeks old. We recently had seven join us from Belgium and two others found us randomly and I am happy to report that the alliance has kept the friendly, supportive vibe.

If you would like to play the game with an enthusiastic TEAM ranging from level 21 to 45 with the majority over level 30, we would be pleased to have you. If you want it, we offer guidance. If you want to offer guidance, we will listen and may well heed it too.

We are here to play, we want to have fun. We prefer to win, but if try our best and lose it won’t spoil our day (I am told that best efforts also mean losing won’t happen as often).

LOBSTER STEW is exactly four weeks old today and yet we have already faced two 8* Titans but are back on 7* now. Our best kill is a 7* Rare Titan, a couple of more players and we’ll handle the 8* as well.

Respect is key to keep a good vibe that’s why War can be a… minefield, so we have one RULE and we enforce it.
We see it this way, WAR is your choice, but IF you choose to participate then you MUST participate fully (all flags).
Choosing to join the war and then not using flags actively hurts the team. That is disrespectful of everyone else’s efforts and as a consequence frowned upon.
A reason for leaving flags unused is appreciated (when you can), real life happens and always has priority but we don’t know it happened unless we are told.

  • No Reason x 2 = Kicked

We like to match tanks as well, blue so far is our strongest shared color. This is a wish and not a rule…

We switched to invite only after a group of people joined and quit us repeatedly over the span of a week.
How to we send invitations?

We just freed up a slot due to war inactivity (opting in but not participating) so we are back to 24 members. Hitting 8*, killing 7* Titans. Matching blue tanks in war while we grow stronger.

Excellent vibe on both chat and in the Line group for the team. Very supportive of one another and now newer members are chiming in with solid suggestions and advice for the less experienced teammates.

We would like to have you join if:

  • You are friendly
  • You think the game is a fun game
  • You like to learn and share what you’ve learned

We offer:

  • Supportive, friendly environment with a wide range of players, level 46 to 21 from Europe to North America
  • Strong alliance to win decent loot
  • Coaching for questions you may have on various aspects of gameplay

Come grow with us and have fun playing Empires and Puzzles.

We can home up to six players again, continue to hit 8* and kill 7* titans. Solid war record and supportive friendly team.

One rule only: Use your flags if you opt into war.

Want to enjoy playing the game, advancing and learning? Join us in Lobster Stew, wide range of levels in one TEAM.

Four Spaces Open in Lobster Stew

Now killing 8*, scratching 9* hard.

Team spirit is alive and well.

Feedback we’ve had from some people that joined us, probably best to be level 30+ with solid 4* bench because the titans hit hard and the war teams we face don’t tend to have many weak teams so for newer players they find themselves enjoying the battles less than they would if it were geared towards their level.

We welcome people that put in good effort and NEVER kick out someone that tries.

We DO enforce the war rule. We have a welcome message that is clear, IF you opt into War you MUST use your flags.

Currently able to welcome three players.

We have room for up to SIX players, a small group of friends would be welcome.

We offer a supportive, global team that works together and puts in total effort in war.
We are killing 8* Titans and coming close on 9*.
We have some very, knowledgeable players willing and able to provide valuable advice (easier if you are on Line in order to post rosters).

What we need:
Friendly people that make an effort.
Making an Effort means: Be using ALL War Flags if joining the battle.

You will probably have more fun if your team is able to withstand an 8* titan and have at least 20 fully ascended 4* and 5* heroes for war.

We would welcome individuals or a small team that would like to come together as a group.

Lobster Stew currently has Nine open spots.

We have a 9* Thunder Unicorn under our belt and can improve on that with a few strong additions.

We match tanks in war for those that opt in. Since we span 11 time zones we don’t complicate it beyond that. We use our war flags (100% last war) and have a solid win/lose record.

We enjoy playing and would welcome you into the alliance to enjoy the game with us. We would also welcome a small group that would like to join together.

We range from level 28 to level 56. We have Line to help share lineups and advice, joining is not a requirement.

We would like some active, friendly players to join Lobster Stew.
We have room for up to nine players, small groups welcome to join.

We have one slot open in Lobster Stew.

With recent new additions to the alliance, we have now killed some 10* Titans and Rare 9* Titans.

Atmosphere is vibrant, advice and support flows freely. We continue to ENJOY the game and would like an active player with a friendly attitude to help us munch titans.

War remains optional and we do require full use of flags if you participate. Match tanks too.

To enjoy the challenges you should probably have a full bench of maxed 4* & 5*. Being one shotted by titans isn’t all that enjoyable and probably need 4* for last war flags to be effective.

We have space for two and would like some titan killers to join (Assuming you are nice people, ahem).

Our prize for killing a 10* rare titan was an 11* titan on Day 1 of PoV, ouch. Titan goals will be a challenge.

We have three spaces open and could possibly have a fourth if four people would like to join together.

We just killed a 9* Thunder Unicorn and are on a 10* Fireblade Giant.

We met our Titan goal in the last PoV with no need to merc and plenty of time to spare.

We just lost one of our original members due to work obligations related to this pandemic (Healthcare worker).

We just killed a 10* Dragon Rooster (too many Titan Flasks!) and could use a friendly, engaged new member that would like to play alongside friendly, engaged alliancemates.

We coordinate war tank color but now span the globe quite literally so we do not coordinate timed war attacks. We enjoy the game and would like to be joined by others that enjoy the game, bring a friend.
One hard and fast rule, IF you opt into war you must use all flags.

We range from level 30 to level 64.

The arithmatic average level and the median level are both 46.

Lobster Stew can welcome TWO new members. We offer you a friendly, supportive alliance where we kill titans, enjoy war and swap anecdotes.

We are bouncing between 9* and 10* titans, fill our PoV quotas with no problem (kill in last hour). IN War we match tank colors, participation is optional but once in you must be all in (excellent record of flag usage).

We won’t turn you away but do believe you will enjoy our battles more if you have a solid bench of 4* & 5* maxed for war, our opponents tend to be heavily emblemed, 4* w/o emblems struggle, 3* will probably just leave you frustrated.

We would like you to be active on titans because it is a good source of mats and, well, it’s fun to compare scores and share team compositions… (at least I think so :nerd:)

Come check us out, stay if you feel comfortable and journey on if not (some people want more chatting, some less).

Real Life takes priority, we simply want to enjoy the game.

Real Life has interfered with our alliance and we can offer five spots.

A mini-merger if several people want to come together as a group of five motivated, nice people that want to enjoy E&P with a friendly, supportive group of people.

We span the globe, English is the universally shared language but not everyone’s first language.

We understand that RL takes priority but we are heavily engaged, want to win our wars and like killing our 10* titans.

Find us via the search function in game or ping me on Line (sternman).

We have a few open slots at the moment, once again Real Life intruded upon our digital retreat…

We would welcome friendly engaged players. You would probably enjoy the experience most if you have six solid war teams with subs left over for flexibility based on what/who we face.

Titans are 10*-12* with 2/3 of team hitting them.
We have a Line group for better chatting (more fun to see what people are talking about by positing images/videos that cannot be done in the game chat).

Please drop by Lobster Stew and say “Hi”

Real Life is proving too exciting for some of our alliance mates (very, very pleased for them).

We remain a global, friendly alliance. We could use someone that enjoys titans to bump up a star for regular kills (currently 10* is straightforward, 11* more challenging, we flask for 12* Rares).
Wars are simple, match tank colors, use all six flags. We succeed in both, shame the tiles don’t always fall our way (not a unique lament on the forum).

We are supportive, celebrate each others accomplishments, quick to offer help when asked. Feel free to stop in to see if you like our vibe.

No spending requirements, we have some spenders, mostly CTP and some FTP.

Its my 2nd E&P family and i love it here. My 1st alliance kind of sputtered out, but a group of 5 of us came here. Best… decision… EVER!

We play how i feel the game should be played… respectful and supportive of others, while working together to improve ourselves and also the guild.

Anyone looking for a new place to enjoy the game in a pressure free atmosphere… come on by!