Q about Trainer's tools

Hello E&P people!

I just wanna ask if anyone have ever purchased Trainer’s tools before?

It says “at least 2 of items pull” but I’ve never seen anyone or myself pull more than 2. It has been always 2 items whether they are good or bad.

Did anyone pull more than 2 items for that package??

I’ve never gotten more than two in a buy, but out of the ten for sale, so far I’ve had a minimum of 3 non-farmable ascension items from the 10 buys whenever I clean out the store. Not a great deal, but better odds than the element theme packs which are reported to hardly ever produce the rare items.

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Yeah that’s what I thought so. I dont know why they said “at least 2” sounds like we would get minimum 2 items with odds

No, doing the max pulls I have never gotten more than one of the “useful” items. That is for all colors. I have done this is the past, and have found the random draws to not be worth it. When I spend gems I am MUCH happier with getting all the items guaranteed. IMHO

Yep. The ascension packs are very poor value for gems. Trainers tools are marginally acceptable odds of getting worthwhile results. Guaranteed results offers are the best way to go - as long as it isn’t something awful like today’s deal.

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Oh Yeah, “Books of Wisdom” offer right?
Yeah, I was like wth? When I saw that offer

I have not purchased anything other than gem offers with mats as throw ins so I have to ask if buying that trainers tool package five times gets you everything shown?

Went back and counted. How many times would I have to buy to get it all?

I have purchased the trainer’s tools 10x 5 times. I’ve gotten 4, 5, 4, 6, and 5 each time of hidden blade, warm cape, and trap tools (That’s total for all 3, not each) plus a few compasses. They are the only non-deterministic ascension item gem buy I would even buy (though I don’t buy them anymore, only when I was starting to need to ascend heroes to 70).