Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Discussion for Part 3)

Isn’t it fun :slightly_smiling_face: to speak in a nice tone, with real life examples….

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There aren’t any LB in PC. The structure of ascension is different there 5* heros go in 5 tiers:

3/60 - 3* max here
4/80 - 4* max here

there’s also no cap on feeders at 10 because the food cost goes up with each feeder, which is the reason it had to be capped in EP. basically PC is a very similar game but with changes and improvements based on what they learned with EP.

We’ve also had the Monster Island event over there three times and its one of the best things in the game, so very excited to see it over here soon.


Ah okay. That’s a huge relief for me.

Thanks for the info.

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