Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Discussion for Part 3)

Same complaint as with the other two parts: very little detail on future projects and nothing that the players have asked for. I noticed they tried to pretend none of the beta testers said Kalo was overpowered and did not say what went wrong and what changes they have made to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Very frustrated that they are not going to give out limit break resetters if they are going to continue to nerf released crew. That needs to change.


They totally glossed over their fast nerfs to Azmia and Kalo post launch into live game. And their Magic nerf after buffing those magic heroes twice.


That Dragon building will either break the game or another nothing thing for common herbs and 10k food/iron bundles that I’d rather be allowed to craft instead of fetch for when I don’t need them.

The personal questions section was kinda cute, but meh.

Anyone know if their other game is getting any updates of their own or has everything been super slowed?


Sorry, but I’m not sure what they expect by doing a q&a, that they didn’t need to do, then Choose which questions they want to answer and provide as little detail as possible… It makes it pretty challenging not to be a bit critical of the q&a.

Yes it is easy to be critical of people organizing an event… But why tell people you want open question and answer and then answer next to nothing? Did you tell the people in your event you want feedback and tell everyone that what they asked isn’t a priority?


I should start writing down my questions for next time. But also perhaps a suggestion. Is this three part Q&A better than a more focused Q&A more often? Or are the parts put together based on the questions.

Anyways, thought for next time:
They mentioned internal metrics sometimes but not always matching beta or live metrics. So these guys are in game design. How does the first iteration of a hero who makes it to beta get there? Can we get a walk through of a hero from it’s initial design to actual implementation? Is there simulated tests that are run to gauge strength? I’d love to hear more about some of that behind the scenes testing.

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Spotted this recently. PC has reached LB 100.

More recently than that : player complained about lack of new buildings. No idea what that means compared to EP.


Honestly…we should have just asked one question…


Aside from all the building-related answers being “Nope. Dragons.”, this hit my eye:

we do have to ensure that testers for example don’t get burnt out by extensive, less important beta releases

In my limited experience, having releases be more extensive would actually prevent tester burnout, rather than releasing a bunch of new heroes every fortnight and closing the beta before you have a chance to take a proper look.

On a side note, I hope they realise the whole “Nope. Dragons.” thing sets them up for massive backlash if the feature isn’t worth its weight in gold - since it’s pushing so many much-needed improvements down the list.


I stoped playing the game after reading part 1. Just finished reading part 2 and 3… Well that is it for me for ever.

That was an amazing game and very fun to play. But since Small Giant sold it, it’s not the same. It so much money oriented that I have no more fun playing it: The gazillion new heroes did it for me and they pay for everything we are starting to see (pay to finish event, pay to lure monster, pay for new roaster space and new heroes cash grab plot!) and no QoL features! Take care every one and see you in other games!


Are you kidding me? This is the worst response of all. At least with the others there was at least 1 substantive answer. This was supposed to be about buildings and the only answer given is nothing matters except dragons, and they were annoyef they had to repeat themselves…3 times. I personally could less about their personal favorite heroes or experience in game. They are the devs and I’m looking for content information from them, not their favorite hero.


Again, unfortunately, your comment sounds similar to people speaking from the stands and a bit disconnected from ground realities.

I too read the Q&A….and didn’t find fault with it, like it is being made out to be.

Let’s get real, ALL questions cannot be covered and answered.

  • I too dealt with main points in the tourney and left people to seek out their own solutions, as beyond a point I cannot help. Especially those, that are mainly focused on micro issues, that don’t matter much… will take time or are not issues at ll, but subjective opinions.

I see the same happening in the Q&A aspect too.

  • SG chose to speak and have covered things from the questions posed to them.
  • I like the fact they interact… communicate, engage…share future plans.
  • I am interested in the direction the game plans to take and DON’T pay much attention to QoL & specific hero talk which seems to be big bone :meat_on_bone: of contention.
    Both points are never ending and despite best intentions / efforts, can never be perfectly managed to everyone’s satisfaction.

So, I can relate to SG, as I too handled things in similar way. Those who are perennially disappointed can find solutions elsewhere
If they stay put …then there is value for them…:grinning::wink:

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Now that is an area where I have ZERO interest, so would simply skip if it was mentioned in the Q&A.

However, I understand that you can be thrilled to know more about the how, why about the hero….

With thousands of players, the questions would be a lot too…. So feel, SG can have more frequent - specific topic based Q&As.


I would rather ask them a question that may lead to an answer rather than the “it’s not in the plans” or “we can’t say more”. Won’t be much to go on after that but I’m curious how the first iteration we see gets done.

But that’s why everyone submits their own question.


Except that SGG chose which questions to answer and they also chose not to give longer answers with more information.

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Ok so no harm in asking? If they answer, great. If not, I wouldn’t really know compared to the other questions I throw in each Q&A.


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Aether resets are not in the plans. This is expected, but still highly disappointing. This makes them more like another 4* AM bottleneck instead of a feature like emblems.


Next time people need to submit their answers rather than their questions if they want their “perfect” Q&A.

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Thanks for doing this. I’m New to this forum.


People didn’t want perfect, they just wanted some information. We were given no information.