Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Discussion for Part 3)

We have now published the third and final part of the answers for our Summer 2022 Q&A! Please read them here:


This is the best of the 3 parts, but mainly because of the personal questions part. I also appreciate that they somewhat admit that the beta testing as a whole is not perfect as it is.

Overall I’m quite bitter after this AMA. All we can expect in the game right now is another stockpile of heroes/costumes and mystic ‘Dragons’. Any other building/upgrade/balance/new stuff wasn’t announced to be introduced in a year or so.

This is actually demotivating because I have quite a good roster, I’m exceptionally tired of chasing new heroes with the pace they are released, so not a lot of thrill awaits me in the game.


out if all 3 parts, this is the one i liked the most (answers have a bit more details compared with the first 2)

Telluria got severely overnerfed because of that

you guys should consider doing reverts or buffs for her and other nerfed heroes.

Overall, i hope you all focus on the easy quick quality changes soon. The game is going stals with the new direction with almost 0 updates to old things and most new changes are bad (new tower format, kalevala quest restriction, alliance quest difficulty increase, new costume chamber in beta… )

In 1 week you can make so many EASY and quick quality updates worth months of play value


It sure would be great if I had the bandwidth to read these answers, but I don’t have any current plans related to this topic.

It’s something I do hope to work on at some point in the future, but I might not get to it anytime soon. It’s very low on my priority list.


Thought the responses to buildings and families to be more revealing than usual. Thanks for doing this.


Nothing to be upset about in the answers but also nothing to be excited about. What’s missing? Their favorite colors, vanilla or chocolate, Friends or Seinfeld!?


Thank you for taking time to do this! I wish we knew more about the dragon, but I’ll keep waiting.
This Q&A helped humanize the devs, especially Joel’s comment about being hairy.
I kinda want to be in Tim and/or Joel’s alliance. I think it would be fun to discuss the game with them.


Within the limitations of what can be shared / expressed… I found the Q&A 2022 by Tim / Joel to be fair… informative.

Thanks @Staff_SGG @Petri for making this happen and best wishes for the projects that you all are working on… :slight_smile:


So, we do have another challenge event coming up laster this year. i predict an October-December release

Hey, the only-play-on-toilet-devs are still having problems beating her, so she is perfectly balanced now!

And pretty sure this means everytime they buff already balanced/op heroes / nerf heroes, release OP heroes, etc. whatever that makes discussions, most likely including this and the previous topics…


Out of all the ones I have designed I’d pick Onatel any day.

Gotta admit, I got a kick out of Joel mentioning Onatel. Even after all these years, she’s still my favorite hero.


Maybe Take Two is this strict on sharing information to public preliminary ?
This Q&A Part 3 have not contained any new information other than that we can not expect any new building.
Only the Mist and Personal section was the only one with some actual answers.


Hey some actual answers is better than part 1 and part 2.

If their expectation was for this to build enthusiasm in the game they probably should have skipped the whole q&a haha.


I just concluded organising a sports tournament successfully, my first one !
despite all the thread-bare planning… the number of surprises that showed up at the actual moment of the games were a good bit…
It is easy to give expert comments sitting outside…while the actual people in the action know the difficulties / challenges / realities…
I got many expert comments too, which I smiled and let go… :wink:

Hence, along with my feedback, I also acknowledge the efforts / work being done…to give me a good game to play / engage / entertain !

  • I absolutely enjoy playing Empires & Puzzles …and the Q&A has not impact on my mood, feelings towards the game…except it being informative… & good to know thing!
  • People @ SG, managing the game are important buddies & bashing them with snarky, sarcy words is poor taste.

Cheers !


I was all set to be snarky, but getting to know the humans behind the game makes it tougher to be snarky lol. Darn my human heart.

Thanks, Tim, Joel, Petri for your time and effort.

I mean, I know you guys probably don’t make all the business/game decisions yourselves, so I will be nice.

Thanks for at least acknowledging that the beta experience (re pace and volume of content) could be better for beta testers, many of whom I consider unsung heroes

and I just read the bit about “in-work training from behavior experts on customer interaction” and “some ground rules for forum use”… gah! I fell into the trap! :stuck_out_tongue:

yay for Joel’s shout-out re C-Marjana… gah! fell into the trap again :stuck_out_tongue:

ok I will stop now while my mood is mellow. Thanks for the little bit of diversion. I don’t think my feelings, enjoyment or mood towards the game has changed as a result of THIS year’s Q&A (last year’s Q&A tanked it a lot because of the whole “game economy” and “fast pace of everything” bits lol)


What is the dragon building likely to be. Anyone have thoughts based on other games?

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I think it was in the sneak peek from earlier in the year. There was some guesses at the time I think :thinking::person_shrugging:

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You can read more from @Suicide_Bunny about it in another game here:


30+ people working on Empires and Puzzles? Now that sounds promising. With the amount of money that seems to be flowing in, I imagine there are many possibilities to hire more then. It would certainly be fantastic to not hear the “it´s not a priority right now” and that the team doesn´t have time to fix old content or heroes anymore.

Here´s to hoping that, and that we will finally see the - relatively easy to implement - Quality of Life changes to so many of the things, that the loyal customers have been hoping for, for years. :pray: