Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Discussion Part II)

“TIM: High level - always aim for variety instead of pure ‘race for ultimate power’ . So slower heroes must also be in the game, though not everyone will be ‘optimal ’. Of course, we try to buff these heroes later - but very important to not do the buff via speed up, even if players see it as the only option > this way we’d end up with only fast heroes in the game, which is boring!”

Hmm…I’m not fully agree that sorry, number of fast and very fast mana heroes are a lot on this game, most of the S4 heroes are fast, ninja heroes are all charge… Most of the players like fast hero and SGG know that. If faster mana speed doesn’t a matter then why make mana troop and adding mana bouns on costume ? Anyway I think they should release lot of slow or even very slow 5* heroes in near future to prove their point.

One more thing about high level players, check the rankings most of the top players are using fast, very fast or even ninja heroes, and also pair up with very high level mana troops, why ?


While there was some honesty in the answers, I couldn’t help but get the feeling of “We are the developers, we’ll do what we want, regardless of whether it is liked, wanted, needed, or not.”. A short QOL release/update wouldn’t damage anything, and would probably make many of the casual/C2P players (and perhaps a few whales) happy… by QOL, I mean items that specifically make the game easier to navigate/control - such as:
**An ignore Teams option on all Hero Roster Sorts
**Adding a +10 Transmute button in the alchemy lab (to run the same alchemy 10 times)
**Ability to see the team that attacked you in War/Raid (not their defense team, but the offense the opponent brought)
**On Challenge Events, an “Enemy” screen, like on season stages, that show the color(s) of the enemies for that stage.
**Anything else that makes the daily grind and chores of the game a little easier, without having an overall effect on Gameplay/Battles


Money 101: a public corporation’s primary responsibility is their fiscal responsibility to their shareholders. I don’t necessarily agree this is how it should be, but this is how they are managed.

Hiwever, it’s a matter of contention whether it’s “better” to have a steady stream of income or a big chunk of income now. This is the time value of money. This is why your mortgage gets sold.

“Growth” company stocks are companies that have a business model with a predicted high short-term gain. I tend not to invest in these companies individually because when they crash they often crash hard and I don’t feel like monitoring my portfolio that closely. But lots of investors flock to such companies. It’s likely I have Zynga in my 401-k somewhere.

When SG talks about what the community wants, they are talking about how the player community votes with their wallets. They will always use their metrics and market models as a basis for development decisions regardless of any uproar in the forum community.

All that being said, I am 2 months nospend. They can do whatever they want with their company, but my fun per dollar ratio no longer supports helping them fund it. When nospend isn’t fun any more, I’ll quit altogether.


It wouldn’t really cost too much dev time to come up with a system that allows you to recycle your heroes (say, 3* and higher) into a small/medium/high (for 3*/4*/5* respectively) amount of new currency that allows you to create a new 5* hero - of choice, or at least a random roll a-la HA10.

The system can be balanced to not be too generous by setting up both how much you get and how much you need to spend per hero.

Ideas are not an issue, willingness is.


Twenty QFT characters.


I’m fashionably late to this party.



Well said :joy:


As I said in limit breakers thread the fact that over 3/4ths the community voted hate the idea and they still did it after saying that were giving QoL improvements players asked for just seems like a huge lie…I honestly have no faith in the devs words anymore. Some of the answers I literally read and my jaw just dropped and made me regret spending what I have on this game…totally f2p from now on and limit breakers and what seems like just lies may be my limit…I’ll try to focus on just playing and the friends I’ve made in the community and welp I guess ignore the devs cuz they’re ignoring us IMHO


Una tontería el juego cuantos meses invirtiendo y jugando constante y no dan héroes de 5 * ya la verdad está desanimado a grupo muy grande de amigos

The message here is, our priority is the squish more money by creating more content and op heroes. Fixing all problems does not make us money. Adding more employees cuts from the profit. Be happy with what you get and make us happy by spending.
I worked for a big corporation developing software and hardware and made me sick to see how politics work. Many projects were canceled due to that they were not making as much money as they wanted regardless the millions of dollars that many customers had spend and the answer to them was we will give you support for a few more years, thanks for spending the money on our product and we have another project that you might be interested on, we always welcome your money


Hi Dev Team,
I really enjoy your game and the team I am in…
I have a small request for you. I think that I’m not the first one to ask. But nevertheless, I’ll ask anyway.
On our Team, we have friends having double or even triple heroes in their list wherehas some don’t even have one great hero.
Would it be possible to create something where one can exchange their Heroes? Either exchange or just keep in disposal so that the one in need can serve themselves… This will bring strong bond between the members of the team…
Thanking you in advance for your time, attention and your reply…

Welcome to the forum
See the larger discussion of your idea here


I’ve been looking for hooks to keep playing this game. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any in this Q&A.

Over the last couple of years, my interest has waned significantly. I used to really enjoy it and would actually track good deals etc. But perhaps I’m in the end game now where it’s more habit than fun that keeps me coming back. Over the last few months I’ve gone full f2p, and started letting go of chests, quests and gasp even events. What would once have me setting alarms now has me actually skipping even when I log in.

I was hoping to get some motivation to keep playing from the Q&A, but I didn’t. So I guess I’ll just let the natural course of this downward graph play out.

It was fun while it lasted, it’s still fun on occasions that are getting rarer and rarer. But I guess that’s life. :slight_smile:


For me Empires&Puzzle is not my main game anymore.
I did not leaved, nor i have intention to, but i found myself now play more time on another game.

And that’s what i suggest to people struggling to still find excitement in this game to do.

I guess most of us did not want to lose/waste all the progress, accomplishments and status quo we gain in years of play, but i discovered that starting a new game from scratches was exactly what gives me more fun now.

So do not leave, but find yourself another game that gives you the same feelings when you started this one.

Eventually, you will find yourself less annoyed by the greed of this one and just spend more hrs on the other.

There’s really much more friendly (and fun) options out there, you just have to find yours.

I find mine, and i kinda regret to not tried it sooner.


I was sick and appalled by alot of their answers and all I got out of all the sugar coating was that they claim we all want more and more events and newer and stronger hero’s released at break neck speeds. However I’m far from naive and can read between the lines. Does anyone believe that it’s our wants that prompts this or maybe it’s that new events and hero’s bring in more money??? Which seems like the most logical reason? If our wants were Paramount then please explain limit breakers? No, ever since zynga started taking over small giant this has been a fast downward spiral. They’re on a constant cash grab and improving the game isn’t on their agenda. The telly and vela nerf was small giants way of trying to keep a balanced game,zynga is headed in the totally opposite direction and their sole agenda is generating more money even at the cost of a quality product. 1 billion dollars and the your sole focus is still on more money without improving your product? If any other business was conducted this way it would of went bankrupt fast. I’m now ftp and this greed filled corporation will never see another cent from me.


I have a similar opinion to this.

What I am wondering most about is the statement that most of us want more content (new heroes, new events). If that’s based on beta players feedback, then it would be weird as many beta testers feedback was ignored beforehand ( I think the last case was about the limit breakers as beta testers feedback was mainly strongly against it) so it makes an impression, that beta players feedback doesn’t really matter in the end.
I think most of us have a feeling that this game takes more and more time if you want to finish all the challenges, wars, titans, which is obvious due to new content. i am a generally interested in all aspects of the game , but since league of villains i keep losing track over new 5* heroes names, abilities and play style, it’s just all gotten to much. I understand there are some players who cant get enough and that’s fine but really think that this group is a minority. could be wrong though maybe a poll could underline this statement.


What I want just S2 4* on HA, I don’t care about new heroes/events…


The problem with a poll is that us forum users tend to be the vocal minority, I think.

I mean, I certainly agree with all the takes in this thread, that SG is using “money spent” as their main form of user feedback, and that’s skewing their development output towards the desires of a not-so-vocal (and presumably much smaller) minority.

But my point is just that a forum poll with 95% negative feedback regarding recent game updates would just be more of the same as the feedback they’ve been ignoring from forum users and beta testers for months/years already, in favor of what the whales’ wallets have to say. A poll won’t change that, or illuminate anything new for anyone.


Which poll it is? Isn’t the record is non-S1 costume at 90% negative?

Oh I wasn’t referring to any existing poll, sorry! Just the hypothetical one proposed above. :grin:

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