Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Answers) - "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript

Alliances (Wars, Titans)

  • I have no complaints however I do wish to ask if fifteen-star titans will ever become a reality? I understand we have mythic titans which is great, but when your alliance has reached its plateau regarding titans, the same old fourteen stars one after the other becomes monotonous.

    • TIM: Yeah, these are quite high in the QoL list, and really something I’d hope we could tackle next year. Absolutely nothing against this, we’ve discussed it, but more important matters have always delayed this one taken further.
  • Do you plan to introduce 3 and 4* alliance wars?*

    • TIM: Probably not as such. The idea is cool though, and it would definitely shake up the routine…we have to look into this in more detail!
  • Are there plans to build out the friendly/intra-alliance raid system more?

    • TIM: We have a few QoL items we’d like to do for friendly raiding, but as mentioned many times earlier these can take a long time before getting into the game.
  • Why allow alliances with 1-5 members? Too many alliances leave many empty or short members. An alliance should be a minimum of 8 or even 5.

    • TIM: I actually can’t remember exactly why we did this. I think this would fall under QoL in a way, it could be that the ‘best’ minimum indeed would be something else than what we have - it’d just need some research and analytics work to confirm the assumption. It’s a good question though, we may look into this in the future!
  • We have element-specific rare titans, are there any plans to add rare titans that have a bonus drop chance of tomes/blades?

    • TIM: A good question/suggestion, this one as well! We haven’t had the chance to look at major Titan changes for a long while, but if we’d get to expand the Rare Titan selection at some point this could be a very logical thing to add!
  • Raiding teammates is a great addition, small flaw. Is there a way to add the war game feature to these raids? It would really allow players to then truly test their defenses and see what’s happening.

    • TIM: Whoa, that’s a much bigger ask than one probably realizes:) It’d be automatically assigned as being a really expensive QoL feature when compared to many, many others.
  • Lastly, are there any new ways to play more with your alliance mates being worked on? I think this is mainly why we all stay because of the friendships we have made through the game. War is fun as we can cheer each other on. Mythic Titan was good and, however, imo, there need to be more levels of rewards in the team aspect.

    • TIM: We’re working very soon on a variation of Challenge Event called Alliance Event, so that’s one thing. In general, we absolutely agree on the notion (and that’s why the Alliance Event was something we already did for Puzzle Combat and now want to have in EP this year). Yeah, it’d be great to add still more Alliance activities and functionality. So when you think about QoL and especially more ‘expensive’ features there Alliance and socially shared content goes really high there.