Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Answers) - "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript

Quality of Life

  • How do you decide which QoL improvement to implement?

    • TIM: The ease of implementation and amount of requests are the two things that matter here - it’d be great to do QoL that actually is needed by many players and that is not prohibitively complex to develop. We’ve now tested a few of the QoL requests for EP actually first in Puzzle Combat since we had a bit more development bandwidth available there, let’s see when we have time to bring them over to EP.
  • What are exactly the QoL improvements promised in the 2021 Sneak Peek?

    • TIM: I think we did shift to focus a bit more this year to new events than we anticipated initially -but we’re working on the more detailed raid results (and possibly replay), we got the stage counter in after first adding it to PC. On PC we added the possibility to swap between similar construction/training buildings, but we don’t know when that’d get to EP. We have a detailed plan for the Legendary hero duplicate use feature, but that one won’t go to development until very late this year. There’s probably some more though…oh and the friendly Raids, that’s definitely a big thing we added to this! Formations, that’s also here!

    Ah, and something we could mention here is for what we consider QoL - it’s pretty much anything that players have requested or we have thought of that does not directly add something new to the game, is connected to Hero development or collection, is not related to gem/item economy and that is not a bugfix.

    So we actually do not consider the Legendary hero duplicate feature QoL at all since it’s a New Thing that directly affects hero collection and game economy. And therefore it gets a separate development track, budget, and business goals - things which QoL are excluded from.

    Friendly/Alliance raiding, on the other hand, was clearly marked as a thing that has no business goals and won’t really affect the game economy, it’s really just a cool thing that’s been requested several times. Raid Formations is the same, it’s been asked by players and it felt like a really neat thing to test if we’d get it working. And luckily we did, it was actually a pretty big undertaking to make sure the balance is still good enough with it being active and everything works “under the hood” and so on!

  • Since the Sneak Peek post from E&P staff on 26th January this year, there has been a high volume of “player wishes / wants” for inclusion under the umbrella of QOL.From all the ideas and suggestions posted by players in the forum this year - What is your feedback?

    • TIM: Here the same applies - we’ve definitely read these and even scoped the work for the ones that could fit the game, but the work on new content and features has been of higher priority. A practical example is Season 5 - we already need to start the work on that soon.
  • What are often asked for improvements that you simply can’t (not won’t) implement and what is the reason behind it?

    • TIM: Well one example is the possibility to collect all food and iron and so on with a single tap - that’s a thing that I’d never want to have in the game, with simply the reasoning that this extra bit of ‘daily work’ is really part of the game flow and ‘fiction’. The short time you spend collecting the resources is not that much, and makes you engage with your base that little bit more! Another, much trickier one, is hero trading between players. This one we could spend a long time discussing, but I think it’s enough to say that even very early in development we realized that this one will be off the table and basically not up for debate.
  • With new heroes being introduced every month, what are the plans to give us additional heroes space?

    • TIM: At the moment we do not aim to change the core functionality here - additional Hero space can be purchased and should be affordable. That being said, we do have to check that the cost itself stays sensible - when we set the initial prices we didn’t really know that the game would get so big, we had around a hundred Heroes then and now I think it’s nearly or past 350!
  • What is the current status of doing something to address the problem of duplicate 5-star heroes? The Hero Academy is useful, but once you get most of the season 1 heroes it becomes a weekly recycle. A trade-in system or some way to enhance the chances of a hero you don’t have would be really useful.

    • TIM: As mentioned we have been discussing and planning something for this here. Do note, as mentioned earlier, the trade-in system between players is not something that we’ll have in the game but otherwise, this should provide a reliable way to get new benefits from duplicates. Stay tuned!
  • In a game, where a lot of our time is spent on auto farming, are there any plans on making this less time-consuming?

    • TIM: Not specifically, no. Purely theoretically a ‘speed up option’ for farming gameplay could be something considered for the QoL, but I think the effort required to make it work foolproof (optimization for lower-end phones, etc.) kind of pushes it really low in the likelihood of getting selected for further development.