Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Answers) - "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript


  • Are there any plans to change all the pre-Villains challenge events back to 10 stages each difficulty?

    • TIM: A good question as well. We did plan to do this but simply did not have time to go through the balancing of the old events…let’s see what happens next year.
  • Why is the alliance part of Mythic Titans not percentage-based like the top single hit/total damage?

    • JOEL: We wanted to emphasize the Alliance part of the leaderboard and give a reason for top Alliances to go for the number one spot. With personal leaderboards, we wanted to reward a big part of the top players instead of just a few best performing players hence they are percentage-based.
  • Why were the Valhalla Forever bonuses nerfed so much compared to Atlantis Rises?

    • TIM: As we have more Seasons in the game the initial bonuses for Atlantis Rises were actually noticed to not be sustainable for the game economy if active too many days per month. So, as with all nerfs, these are difficult decisions to make but ultimately if we start to see that any aspect of the game starts to negatively affect the entire game economy we obviously have to do what’s best for the entire game.