[PW] Catalina Wine Mixer

:nerd_face:Welcome to the freakin’ [PW] Catalina Wine Mixer

Fun, chatty alliance looking for fun, dedicated adults, who can:

  1. Hit the titan every day.
  2. Use all 6 war flags (even if your teams are low level, an attempt is better than not even trying)
  3. Pay enough attention to chat to coordinate our tank colors.

Right now we’re on 9*/10* titans.

3k+ team power
Line chat app

:crossed_swords: We’re a sister alliance to [PW] Prestige Worldwide (a top 100 alliance). As such, we share Line rooms with them and benefit from a wealth of game experience, knowledge, and advice, from some of the top players.

Contact “IAmEricaP” on Line chat app for details!

We’re still recruiting! Come check us out! :partying_face:

I’m Boats N’ Hoes and I approve this message.


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