PvP Raids question?


Hello guys I have a question PvP Raids is based on what statistics? Level of the overall party attack, lvl of watchtower, level of stronghold or the amount of cups? I find it difficult sometimes to PvP because I am matched with pretty much players with 200-300 attacks more than me and I burn my ham trying to find a players that matches my attack overall.



You can raid anyone within 300 cups of your cup total


Note also that just because someone has similar cup level as you, the team power could be very different. You might want to choose raid opponent based on team power and the actual heroes you have against the defence team.


Ya I pick the opponents based on the overall team power. However, it’s hard to find one close to my team power because all I find mostly are players with 300+ attacks above by team power. It’s kinda hard and with a horrible board even worse.


There are several good raiding guides here on the forum that can make things easier for you. Don’t be afraid of someone whose team power is 300 higher than yours, though. Look at their specific heroes and troops and build a team to counter them.

Here’s one that really helped me


If you feel that fighting high TP teams is not fun, then you could drop cups: set up 5 1* heroes before you go to bed, and you likely to end up with a lot of revenge possibility the next day and lower raid targets.

It’s a game, should be fun and cups doesn’t really add anything for your growth (but collecting them can be fun).


You are caught in a vicious case of trying to be good. Try being worse. That is a simple way of describing cup-dropping.

Cups do you no good. If you are in an elite alliance which requires you maintain a minimum amount of cups, then you have a problem, but only then.

Going so far as to post a 5x 1* defense team is extreme, but losing cups will save rerolling and offer revenge attacks. Which means focus on your attack.

Good hunting.


Thanks on the advises I have been playing for a month now and I do enjoy PvP. However, the system where I need to re-roll 100s times to find a player matching my team power is no fun. I can only beat player with 200-300 attacks more than me if i get a lucky board but it not always the case.