PvP Opponent with the wrong level

With my trophies I’m playing in the Platin level but get as opponent player with diamond level. Why this?

Matching is only based on trophy count. You can be matched up with someone up to 300 cups above you, or down to 300 cups below you.

We should be match with the level of our hero’s cuz it’s ridiculous for someone with lower levels going against one that has assended heros almost max lvl of course they are going to win.

Not necessarily. I routinely win raids against people with a team power 300-500 above mine when I attack, because I can choose my heroes to counter theirs, I can choose when to fire a special and at who, and I can choose which tiles to move when.
Most players will gain cups when attacking and lose them when they log out.

That’s because you have a team of 5 *, I assure you that with a team of 4 *, except for wonderful boards and even so, a team of 5 * uploaded is not killed. Most, every time he shoots or kills one or several. There is a lot of difference in power.

I do it routinely on my alt using 3* and a few 4*. Instead of whining about raids being unfair, learn to get better at them. There are several well written guides here in the forum. And understand that cups measure 2 different things. Your highest cup level is a measure of how skilled you are at raiding (choosing your heroes, timing and targeting your specials, and playing the board). Your average cup level is a measure of the strength and synergy of your defense team.