PVP need to be edited


I like the PVP battles but what I have been notesing is the random selection is selecting players that are way out of my level range. It’s fun when you have a challenge with your opponent. If you lose your not upset because your opponent is within the same level range as you are. But if your opponent is five times your level and you lose before you even make an attack. It’s very upsetting. Just wanted to throw that out there for you. Thank you for creating a fun game.


It’s an odd thing. From my experience, many newcomers to the game don’t like the Raid and matching mechanic and find it frustrating… but there are plenty of debates on this board in which its robustly defended.

Heck, I hated it at first, and over time the feeling has matured in to more a sort of dull acceptance. Occasionally when I get too frustrated at my level I drop cups to take a breather and up my rate of filling hero wanted quests… then raise my cup level again to get that warm fuzzy ‘aren’t I great for making it in to top 10,000 players’ feeling. (Dropping cups is also debatable - it’s not a great way of winning friends and influencing people - search it on the boards to see plenty of debate).

As it is, with the mechanic being what it is, I actually support the matching by cups instead of team strength. This at least gives you the option to shed cups to get easier encounters. If matching were by team strength alone you will always be facing difficult (and often frustrating) encounters. With cup matching you get a reasonable mix. Sure you get many a battle where you don’t stand a chance, but you do benefit from seeing what ‘strong’ looks like. But many others you can breeze through and get the occasional glimmer of satisfaction in beating a stronger team because of good tile layout (or bad team positioning by the other player).

On the whole I’d prefer a different raid mechanic that doesn’t appear as contrived. I’ve attempted to give some suggestions for this, but did not prove popular. If I’m stuck with the current raid mechanic, however, I prefer matching on cups rather than team strength.


I’ve noticed that I should be over powering my opponent but instead get beat pretty bad by a much more inferior opponent. The PVP battles are not cohesive enough to make this fun anymore. I don’t mind loosing a TON of food trying to find a decent match (which in one case an alliance member lost 700k) but to find someone with a team 300+ team points under me and lose twice to the same is absurd.


Play better! Seriously, maybe your heroes were not good ones to take vs the player’s defensive team? Maybe the board gave you bad luck twice. It happens. You can’t win them all.


Arena isn’t based on your team power, its all about how many cups you have and they bring opponents with same rage of cups.
+5 ~ +56 cups rage. If I noticed correctly.


Please read one of the many available excellent raid guides.

Teampower says almost nothing.
You are paired by cups ( performance ) and not by team power.

You have to develop the skill to “read” a team.
Meaning to understand how the heroes work together and if their specials, colors, positioning favor your team or not.

If you have this ability and a deep enough bench you can adjust your attack team to give you the best chances against your opponent.

So keep raiding, develop your skills and bench and you will progress.

Wishing you best of luck.


actually, the cup range is around +/- 300 cups


Cup range for pairing. About +/- 300.

Cup range for winning/ loosing a match. About +/- 5 to 55.