PvP ist lästig

I’m the PvP completely on the bag … Is offline you lose and if you also plays :frowning: there would have to be changed something really …

I think Google translate has failed us. Lästig means difficult, so I guess you’re saying that the raiding system is too hard for you. Fair enough: lots of players feel that way. But if you read through the forum you’ll find plenty of discussion of ways you can make it better for yourself (primarily, in my opinion, by understanding what it is trying to achieve and how it works).

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I personally do not like the PvP because it is always the same. Of course, the game is fun only I find it in the long run with this way stupid and yet a pity that nothing changes. You would have to abolish the … button and off is the system when you’re offline and when you’re online you turn it back on. The chance of winning is just too low and my units and troops are not exactly weak, you lose against a much weaker team which is completely brain-torn sorry for my pronunciation but I can not understand all that

Again, raids have been discussed pretty extensively on the forum. Read a bit - you’ll learn how to make the most of them. As a starting point (though raids have changed dramatically since this thread began):