Pvp imbalance

They want to make money
I am not laughing
then you should think about your pvp system

In the pve it does not matter, After a while, that’s possible
it looks different in the pvp
What good is it to become stronger and stronger when every weak opponent can beat me?
pvp is in my opinion there to compete with other players
and not to be slaughtered by small players downright
In no known PvP game can the really weaker defeat a strong opponent

Because as other manufacturers say, give the paying player an advantage
then he buys too
Why invest money if it does not bring me any advantage,and brings more frustration than fun

There are a few more lucrative ideas, but I keep that for the moment
Now I will see how you deal with it and if something changes there
if not, I do not care and I just delete the game :wink:

I disagree, PvP should be about skill and a little luck and not pay to win.

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then in the long run you will lose a lot of players and not just me, the negative Play Store reports say it all

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