PvP and Alliance War are really no longer fun

Maybe there is existing already an topic for this point. But I don’t know. Therefore I will post this as a new topic.

Before I posted this, I talked to other players about it. They had the same impression.

PvP and Alliance War are really no longer fun. And that’s carefully worded. The distribution of jewels on the field has been programmed to the detriment of the attacker for several weeks.
It is noticeable, for example, that the colors of the jewels accumulate, for which there is no hero in their own team. For example if the color is not allowed in the tournament. Or it is the color of the opponent’s tank in the middle. These are those fights where you know from the start that you shouldn’t win this fight. That this is not a matter of chance but of programming can be seen from the fact that this accumulation and distribution of colors remains the same over the entire fight. Such behavior is not what I’ve learned about probability and statistics.
In my opinion, this is unfair and unrealistic. Because:

  • There is nothing you can do to counter the preponderance of a color in the opposing team.
  • Even with their normal attacks, all heroes of the opponent fire together and focus primarily on the healers. Such targeted attacks are not even rudimentary for the attacker with stones.

The new rule in the alliance war, that after 3 rounds all bonuses are deleted, clearly gives preference to heroes who create lackeys. Because they are not removed.

By the way, the search for opponents is based on the trophies and not on the strength of the team. I.e. if you have crossed a threshold you only get opponents that you can no longer beat with the changed rules above.

Another question aside, why is the mana of the opposing heroes charging up if they are not hit at all or if it is their own turn? With my heroes I always have to combine the jewels in the corresponding color.

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The search tool is great, and yet so underused :dizzy_face:. You’ve raised multiple questions, but I’ll just talk to a few…

There were three new war buffs recently introduced. In case you missed it…

Further discussion here…

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This is brought up over and over again. The fact that the boards are random means that sometimes they seem to favour one colour, and at other times seem to favour a different colour. In my years of playing I have many, many times been frustrated with the boards but at no time have I seen a tendency away from random.

The rules do not apply for raids where the opponents are matched by trophy count. The rules do apply to alliance wars, where matchmaking does not use trophy count at all. And yes, when raiding if your trophy count goes up your opponent becomes tougher. It has always been that way.

The defense gains mana every turn, regardless of being hit or not. They gain mana faster when they are hit. Again, it has always been that way.


Everything you said in your post is precisely what makes raids interesting and challenging (this doesn´t mean necesarily fun) If in all attacks boards were in our favour this would be like farming 8.7

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