PV battle error. (Liana dead) and beating like Fenrir (bit GREEN)!

PV battle error. (Liana dead) and beating like Fenrir (bit GREEN)!

This has already happened to someone GHOST doll (Name of Enemy: Jobotten / Alliance: Mjölnir)

Your facts are a bit vague. Can you please clarify matters. First, what is PV? And second, that “dead” Lianna may have been revived as a Zombie by Marie Theresa, who has a skill Zombie Blessing able to make allies that dies under her skill to be reborn as a zombie. That zombie then may have killed Fenrir. And third, what is GHOST doll?



Not Marie Theresa and Lianna I had already killed … Only Frida was missing … But, in the corner where Lianna was. It had a shade of green Fenrir. That when I threw the stones into the void. It was like hitting a shadow. That activates a green semi-transparent Fenrir doll and bites me killing my mono-purple team. This episode is very sad.

Without a screenshot it’s difficult to help, but from what you are saying Marie Theresa used her special before you killed her and Lianna was reborn as a Zombie. Zombie Lianna’s special is Poison bite and it would be possible to kill your remaining team.

Here is how Lianna would look as a zombie (only with green outmark):

Is this that ‘ghost doll’ you were talking about?

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Can you post a screen shot of the team you took and the team you faced when this happened?

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