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I will not change my speech! I was treated by moderators with prejudice and ignorance. If you want to have due respect, respect it too.
Make it clear that they did not need to speak up. I just want the opinion of players who are not moderators. If you are uncomfortable it is because the cap served. My device is state-of-the-art, my internet is fibered and I have been playing this for almost a year. I’ve even reported this before. Get the attention of moderators who act with prejudice. I didn’t mention names or offend anyone with low-level words. If you want to correct someone then start with the moderators you support. And he doesn’t hitchhike halfway. Before accusing, ask. But maybe you’re just like them.

And more I don’t need a lesson on mono !!!

I apologize only to non-moderating players for the rudeness of my words. As I already answered some of them, I was treated with ignorance and prejudice before, so I manifested myself that way. I will henceforth ignore them for not quoting and answering them. I will only respond to the manifestation of you who are players like me.

I just want to know exactly what phone it is. I’m playing from an iPhone XS Max 512gb and it’s very smooth. A friend is using the Huawei P20 64gb and it’s a bit sluggish. Both have 4gb RAM and I don’t know what causes the difference.

I don’t need to point out that your perspective fails to respect others here. But I will anyway because it does appear you miss lots of things.

If indeed you have an issue… and it is an issue common with Brazilian internet access…

Then what, EXACTLY, is SG supposed to do about it?
What’s more… what do you gain (except an exhibition of your total lack of grace) by slamming moderators who do all this work for free? Poor form.

In the old days, when I was much younger, we would call this a PEBKAC problem.

I do not play on a high tech phone. just an iPhone 8 Plus. Not the latest model. My battery efficiency is at around 65% . But then… I’m in a different country with different infrastructure.

odd question… @FabulaSumus – are you presently in Brazil? How is your ability to play the events? is it choppy?

Ok well good luck then with your issue.

Seeing as I was the one in this “other thread” who apologised on behalf of all the moderators for if any feelings were hurt I think you’re mixing up your messaging…

Your original issue was that your post got flagged & removed. This was NOT a mistake as it was in violation of the #forum-rules ; specifically rule 15.

As for your ongoing accusations of being treated with “ignorance” and “prejudice” I’m afraid that these are wholly baseless & without any evidence… but that’s your view and apparently we can’t do anything to help/ resolve this (as you don’t want to hear from us).

As I said, all the best with your “issue” & hopefully some other player (other than a moderator) can give you some kind of response/ answer that meets your satisfaction… tho I am unsure that there will be one.


@titam, I started playing this game last year on an iPhone 6. Not a 6s, 6. It worked fine (well, I had to reboot consantly for this and anything else or it would crash–but that was for everything, not just EnP).

I’m now playing on a pixel 3a xl, and it works fine.

On neither phone did I notice any lag, except on the 3a xl just before the animation of a victory strike, and that’s for like a quarter of a second.

I’m c2p (2 vip months, twice suckered into the “buy gems for your alliance” offer).

If a c2p iPhone 6 can play this game, I suggest that it’s not the game or the phone at fault.

Titam, I am a normal player. I haven’t spent one dollar in the game, and for me the performance is ok.
In my opinion I don’t think the problem is in the server or any difference depending on the player.
I am not the best customer for small giant, and everything works fine.
For me at least, each time I have had a problem, I have sent a message to small giant and they always have helped me to solve it.
I think that if you explain your problem with detail and give them some clues to find the error, they will solve it.
That’s what a non moderator thinks
Regards, and good luck solving your issue.

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Hi PK my dear! It’s really hard for me to talk about Brazil because we are a huge country with hundreds of different internet providers. Right now I’m isolated in a farm quite far from Rio, but we have fiber optics and it runs ok.

Though, I did find the game in general a bit more laggier than usual (we have the same phone you and I), but I can’t really talk about the Event in particular because I played only to complete this time around.

I do think the game got laggier around the time we all started social isolation (about a month ago), but it improved with the last patch.

As for @Titam:

As a fellow Brazilian, I would ask/advise you not to go ranting on the moderators like that. They are as much players as we are. I speak to them on a daily basis, have been (and currently am) in Alliances with some of them and they are great people and they are very honest and vocal about their experiences on the game (even the bad ones).

Another thing I would like to ask of you is to mind the amount of exclamation points you use here. It’s an international forum. We are used to lots of exclamation points in Brazilian Portuguese communication but they are not. They might think you are being rude and I know you are just trying to show you’re vehemently passionate about showing your opinion.

As for everyone else reading this:

Drooling egg is a Brazilian expression that compares to As$ kissing :joy:


And if I may pull a Portuguese speech to try to make things better:

@Titam André,

Os moderadores aqui do Fórum são jogadores tais quais a gente. Eu jogo com o Zephyr na mesma aliança, já joguei com o JB e conheço alguns há algum tempo já. Acho injusto você acusá-los ou destrata-lós porque são as pessoas que trabalham voluntariamente para ajudar a manter o espaço de informações do Fórum, bem como um canal entre a base de jogadores com a SG o melhor possível e a grande maioria das melhorias que temos vêm muito do trabalho deles em reportar reclamações e feedbacks (que eles também têm aos montes!). Nenhum deles é baba ovo da SG, mas eles trabalham com dados e informações que possam ser verificadas ou fica difícil especificar problemas e sugerir soluções quando não se tem exatidão no que está sendo requisitado.
Se você está tendo problemas com lag, tente gravar vídeos desse lag e postar, bem como passar dados sobre seu aparelho celular e serviço de internet. Desta forma, suas reclamações podem, de fato, ser verificadas e enviadas para os desenvolvedores para que sejam feitos troubleshooting e melhorias efetivas.


I think what you really want is to hear only from players who agree with you. That being the case, I have nothing more to say.


Thank you for chiming in. Knew you would bring a bright spot into this discussion. :slight_smile:

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Im confused thou. If the game lags that means the timer lags… so if anything its an advantage because you can scan the board “longer” on the same clock.
Other then crying about how internet people treated you why not post a video or go into an actual explanation of the problem other then “its slowness is on purpose”

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They made this whole game to spite you. The latest updates? Taylored specifically to slow the game down for you, give you the worst draws, worst boards, you name it. It’s all meant to work against you. SGG logs in specifically to your account and tweaks it all. You hate the volunteered help. You hate the advice people are giving you. This is your mentality. This is what you think. Heres the thing:



Go figure.

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you gonna have to be more specific - what exactly is slow in levels and what “better scores” are you talking about?

servers have nothing to do with it. all battles are client-side, meaning they run on your phone and then the result is uploaded to the server upon completion.

oh, I took you seriously for a moment, but you are one of those. have a good day, sir. make sure there are no holes in the tinfoil.

got proof of those allegations? in my experience, mods are always the one keeping everyone in check.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
a smart man would just move on and find another game to spend their time and money on. in Brazil, they organize complaints :roll_eyes:

They are three people… SG must be afraid…

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To be fair it looks like the poster, another person, and 3 more. So, a total of 5?


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