Puzzles from Wonderland

I changed my phone thinking that it was the hardware configuration of my device that slowed down the game levels, but it wasn’t. I can’t score better in this game due to the slowness that I think may be purposeful from Smallgiant. I have 3 guesses! Either the server (s) of this game is rubbish, or the life of those who put money in this game is made easier, and lastly it may also be that a certain class of players will benefit (the famous panel). Moderators do not need to respond to my statement, because in my view you are of no use.
I’m tired of the lies and stories that you answer and post. But that is to be expected because you receive benefits from smallgiant and are not going to tell the public the truth. I just need the opinion of the other players.

Players what do you think?


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While you said that moderators don’t need to respond, I’m going to anyways!

Just want to double check that the issue you’re seeing is lag/ slowness in the gameplay? If it is that there were a number of reports of this after the V28 update. Developers have released a patch which seems to have resolved this (V28.1). So maybe just double check that you’re running this version (can see it by going: Options -> About Tab)

Link to previous “lag and slowness” reports:

The only other issue I could draw from this is maybe something to do with not finishing Riddles of Wonderland as quickly as other players & hence not getting as high scores as others?
If that is the case there are many threads which discuss the strategies those top 10 & top 100 players use to get their good scores & really fast stage clearances. As well as there being many threads discussions optimal team & item configuration and usage.


I’m already patch 28.1. Always the same story! It’s a bug, or look at the top 100 tactics. blah, blah, blah … tired of stories !!!

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State of the art cell phone running without crashing PUBG, CALL OF DUTY ETC. Fibrous Internet. And my cell phone is slow in a board game. ksksksk !!!

It is obvious that the problem is yours. As I said earlier, either the server really sucks, or there is manipulation to benefit a certain class.


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No need to get snarky…he posted a potentially very helpful answer to your rant/question and you just kinda blew it off. It was my immediate thought too…can you describe the “slowness” in better detail? If it “slows” due to game performance then the timer should “slow” too, right?


My previous answer answers your question. In my clan everyone complains about this slowness.

And more! I didn’t spoil any answer, I’m not a sucker, or a drooling egg. He didn’t like how I responded to him, don’t comment. I have no interest in moderator responses and bag-pulling. I expect answers from players who want to speak the truth of their experiences and feelings with the game.

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I guess that would be me. I’m not experiencing any issues during this event. Its played as it always has. Have managed to get decent scores and none of my alliance mates have complained about anything either.


Thank crom for thread muting


Sure, no problem.

Happy not to help. :man_shrugging:

Best of luck.


As a FYI, all the moderators ARE players… In fact we are extremely vocal about our experiences and feelings with the game…

Just look at the number of posts, comments and suggestions we make…

We also make COPIOUS amounts of feedback to the developers regarding both pre-release (beta) and live game content… Don’t believe me? Have a look at my posts in the most recent #beta-beat thread about the Tavern of Legends… Clearly VERY candid & specific about my feelings there…

Final thing worth pointing out that it’s quite rude & arrogant to be dismissive of someone’s opinion and attempted assistance because you have a preconceived notion of their character…


This made my night! I’ve never heard this term before.

Anyway, you’re responding poorly to others which in turn is a poor reflection on you. I wish this game didn’t make you feel so irritated. I suspect the issue is on your end as I am experiencing no issues with gameplay during this event, or during quests, raids, or any other facet of the game.

Hope you can get this issue, and any others you may have, resolved so you can be happy.



I’m thinking the phone is slow or whatever is holding it. Maybe both?


I hope your not using a rainbow team or one which produce lots of minions or some spl heros which take time to finish their specials.


Try restarting your phone, or if it is very full, then do some storage cleanup.

I have experienced slowness due to low disk space in other games.

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If this Thread shows one thing, than it is the quality of this Community. Kudos to those patient souls on this board, who still give helpful and calm answers after the initial poster clearly seems to have an attitude.


In a previous post that I spoke about the game I was treated rudely and disrespectfully by the moderators and treated with prejudice, including only one sent me an apology message. You are like the others! For that reason I made it very clear that I don’t care about your opinion. And you of course did not comply with my request. You are no different than the other whose was negligible with my manifestation. You are just more than a disdain for your analysis.

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Thank you for your answer. I put myself that way about the moderators because I’ve been disrespected by some of them here and they even treated me with prejudice. That is the main reason for being angry with them. I don’t know what country you are talking about, but here in Brazil this game started to work very badly. In my alliance, they complain a lot about this event due to slowness and blocking.

In my off-forum discussions with almost all of the moderators, I find them to be fair and balanced. They are just players, not paid by SG. A lot of your commentary is not very kind, useful or welcome in this community. Keeping to the facts and being civil is amongst the forum rules and I strongly suggest that you review them.

That being said, if what you said were true, there would be a bug report post about it with 10,000 complaints and demands for compensation. There is no such post.

So, as for your actual issue (debate the issue, not the person)…

The issue is with either YOU… or your DEVICE. whether it is storage, whether you have too many things running, whether your specific device has an issue, something… but it is not with the game itself. too many people play this game for it to be a problem.

If you do not like your scores and it is too difficult to advance, then you may need to re-evaluate the actual level of play you produce. I have a great deal many tips that I’m willing to share, as would many others here.

items items items (carpet bombing)
Flee until you have a dream board, play the dream board
Go go go mono

then replay to improve upon your scores


Thank you!

But it’s not the case.

Maybe you could provide a video to help us to understand what you mean when you say the game is too slow?

Just for reference, I had something I would call a perfect run in Rare 3, killed every monster in the first two rounds with a pair and the boss and the two last monster with a combo.

This tooks around 37s. I don’t think that it is possible to manage it faster without the use of item’s.

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