PuzzleCon? E&PCon? What would you call it and why not do it?


I searched the forums and found one thread asking if E&P participated in any of the gaming Conventions around the world. There was no activity in that thread for two weeks. I figured that I’d re-title the idea and maybe discuss it here.

I have seen people ask about a possible E&P Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada US in the past; but the idea really never went past the “wouldn’t it be great if…” discussion phase. So, here we are and I’ll pose two questions to the Players:

  1. What catchy, enticing and completely PG appropriate name could you create for an Empires and Puzzles Convention?
  2. How many reasons can you come up with why it would be a great idea to hold an E&P Convention/Get together?

Now one question for SG:
How interested would they be in being involved in supporting or participating in an E&P Convention/Get together in Las Vegas, Nevada US?

C’mon folks, Let’s do a Not-so-random Summons…to Las Vegas!

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Well i think the problem is that many players around the world would feel excluded and confused as to why the convention should take place in the US. Company is based in europe and has players all around the world, including quite a few from russia.

So to simply think it should take place in america, doesn’t make sense without pretty valid reasons. All which would probably just lead to a bunch of bickerings back n forth between US players and players outside the US


I’m in. Of course you pay for it!

I like the idea. Maybe the US was suggested because so many gamers are accustomed to these events over the past several years. Comicon, Yumacon, Dragoncon, Jafax etc. This does not exclude other countries/regions from hosting their own versions of the event. I would go just to see people dress up as their favorite heroes/monsters!

There is no reason the European players could not organize one on that side of the pond as well. What is stopping you?

But he asked SG to organize one, not the players.

I’m american btw lol and just looking at different angles of the questions asked by the OP

I dont go to conventions of any sort. Just thought it was interesting topic

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Actually no. What I’m looking for is to see if there is any interest in something like this taking place. If not as an independent event, then as part of a larger online gaming convention. There really is no need to proceed further if there is no interest.

I am in no way asking SG to foot the bill for the event. If enough people are interested, then Vegas has a way of accommodating. If there is enough interest, then the rest can be discussed later. The first part of planning is to determine level of interest.

Oh ok i must have misread. Have fun in vegas

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Guess I’ll reread the post next time


I think it would be ungodly expense following the game model, it would cost them $10,000 for the whole entire event and charge each person $30,000 for an entry ticket with a 1.9% chance the ticket is valid to allow you entry to the event with a minimum of 40,000 people prepaid by credit card.



Lol i originally thought of saying something similar, but couldn’t put enough humor in it to outweigh the snark

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Sartana costume.

I wanna see natalya costumes lol

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Mother north

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What about friendly smiling Isarnia

There you go Rig

Hopefully not that specific model lol but the costume is what i had in mind pretty much

She’s hot, 20 blahahahs

Put it this way

If you can justify why it would give Small Giant more money in their pockets it would 100% go on.

Maybe if everyone in attendance gets free 1000 gems and a 50% discount on all gems purchased then it would be mutually beneficial.

Possible names (unprocessed thoughts)


However, given the number of UNHAPPY gamers on these forums, some might simply suggest (not that I endorse this)



Honestly if i was devs I’d be afraid to meet the player base in public. Throw a bunch of slot machine mechanics at people who have addicting personalities, laugh all the way to the bank when they go broke with nothing but 3* and duplicate 4* to show for it, i would not want face to face meetings after that. Liable to be a world wide news story and not in a good way