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They said i’m frustrated, look at this screenshots, how many red heroes do I have?
Always is like this.

So, just as a question, how often do you clear red tiles while you’re playing with no red heroes?

I ask this, because it’s not like those red tiles just evaporate. When you make a match, 20% of the fill-in tiles will be red on average. If you only make matches in yellow, green, purple and blue, the red tiles will be the only ones that don’t get used, and they will keep accumulating. As that happens, eventually, your boards will look exactly like this.


Always I clear the red tiles

I don’t understand.

Is there supposed to be a correlation between the color of the heroes that you bring and which tiles that the board gives you?

Random is as random does. Gotta roll with it! Clear those red, hope you can mitigate the fall-out and I wish you luck with the comeback! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter how many times I clear the red tiles, always they comeback.

Clearly not. This board, for instance, has been played long enough to produce 3 dragons in colors in which you have heroes:

There are neither dragons nor diamonds in red. If you had gotten such a surplus of red versus all the other colors, that would not be the case.

Indeed, all of these boards have clearly produced quite a great many tiles of the colors of you heroes, since you have 3 slow mana heroes and 1 average mana hero, and they all have clearly fired.

Look at this board, for instance:

You fired Vivica once at the least, and there are still 9 yellow tiles on the board.

The reality of the situation is, the tile color for which you don’t have heroes is just flat going to accumulate more, because you really don’t want to use them. None of us do, so I’m not singling you out. But that’s just how it works. The color you use less of will accumulate more.


Those boards look great!

3/5 you can make a red diamond and get rid of all the red tiles you don’t want. The last 2 screenshots you can at least manipulate the board to try and get a red diamond to clear out the tiles you don’t want.

Clear out the garbage; i.e. try to make big matches of the colors you don’t want if your board is not favoring the colors you want.


My first thought when I saw the boards :slight_smile:

I go 2 blue, 2 red, yellow, guess what my boards look like, when I don’t clean up: all green and purple, cause I don’t use them…


@AngelOfDark666 I love purple and blue myself. I tend to see a whole lot of Red, Green and Yellow after several moves. It’s just the nature of the beast.

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Video files why isn’t allowed? This way you’ll see

You can’t upload videos directly, but if you put them on YouTube or another video site, you can link them here and they’ll play on the Forum.

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