Puzzle combos and scales


I’ve really enjoyed all the comments about this game there are many great ideas,this game is know for building and empire and for puzzle I’ve been seeing so much conversation about the cards this the cards that, I’d love to be able and mix power ups together for deadlier combos and also groups of 4 in the shape of a square should be a power up , was also thinking that the combinations streak should be on some sort of a scale like a 5 chain combo maybe stuns enemy, 10 chain combo maybe returns health to your cards, I’d like to hear your opinions on this guys


While I’m all for more mechanics, the defenses would have to be correspondingly balanced for everything else (raid, titan, even map).

Given how rare those cascades are, and given how overpowering they are currently (unless facing riposte but I digress) I’m not sure we really need more bonuses tacked on when it means for the average boards the defenders are going to be harder to beat.

I still think teams being equal and an average board the attacker has the advantage but there’s only so much you can do with the AI in a short time frame.


When I want more “shtuffs”, I use multiple items that have different effects (Dragon Banner + Arrows, for example). I also make sure my heroes’ abilities don’t overwrite each other (Brienne, Boldtusk), and bring enough blue mana potions to pop a hero’s abilities early.

I find the game has enough variety for me as is. wink