Puzzle combat

Has anyone tried puzzle combat by small Giants?

Yes, there are a number of forum posters who have.

I am somewhat curious about PC, but prefer not to even download it. :sweat_smile:


Best to take your conversation off this forum per staff post (sorry if It sounds like I am kicking you off)


I’ve downloaded it, played a bit, but there are couple of reasons why I don’t intend to play it seriously… First of all, that modern, military based environment is not working for me, at all. I find it hard to distinguish one character from another. The 2nd, and more important, I’d never open my wallet for another game of this kind. So yeah, maybe occasionally, strictly f2p, without any grinding - when I feel extremely bored and there’s nothing to do in E&P. I figured that the same game mechanics in different environment is not that exciting at all. :slight_smile:

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The same reason for me and I 'm adding two more. First - idea WAR?! - really, no thx I prefer fantasy. Second they are ignoring our feedback as a Community and now they want US to play in their another game not fixing main issues in EP? So I will meet the same stuff… No thx.

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Ask @Guvnor
Killing it I’m the events :wink::+1:


I play them both.

When I’m on one my world energy is building on the other. Have to stay busy at work :wink:

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I figured they’re both made by small giant as far as I no so I thought that might be pretty similar

Tried it after I quit Empires.

It’s a clone, with more “real” (for want of a better word) people/environments. The things people champion to be implemented in Empires are in PC, but don’t get fooled, it’s a massive time sink/money grab all the same.

Kudos to the Devs for releasing E&P mk:2, but that’s all it is. As ever, the game should be downloaded with a huge disclaimer: Buyer Beware.

It promotes itself as “free”, the same as Empires does…make of that what you will.

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I tried it but I don’t like the graphics. I prefer fantasy artwork. I’d never played a Match 3 game before E & P and I’m tired of the format. I certainly wouldn’t look for it in another game.

When it’s time for me to quit, Match 3 will be the last thing I play :grin:


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