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Various updates:

  • Updated Dam Busters infographic
  • Updated Grand Heist Graphic
  • Added Rare Quest Rotation Graphic

Will update the Weapon Graphic & the Hero Booklet with V22.0.0 balance changes soon.

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This might have changed again, just did a green chest and Area 3 Stage 6 was only 3 to 5 green kills. I checked out the first 12 areas and ran the ones that were all green enemies (albeit only once each) and got this:

Level WE Green Kills Regular or Elite stage
1-4 3 3 Regular
3-6 3 4 Regular
4-3 3 11 Elite
8-4 3 11 Elite
8-5 3 10 Regular
8-7 3 9 Regular
11-1 4 9 Regular
11-4 4 11 Elite
11-5 4 10 Regular
11-7 4 11 Elite
11-9 4 11 Regular

So 4-3 and 8-4 were tied for best today (I know you’ll want more data for a full analysis but maybe this can help people in the meantime)

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Yeah there’s a more recent version which now has Vet & Regular options.

I just haven’t gotten to updating it :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I shoulda known you were 2 steps ahead :smile:

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Various Updates

Updated a fair bit this time:

  • Updated Purple Merc Event Graphic
  • Updated all Rare Quest Graphics (small adjustments)
  • Updated Calendar to V1.4 with revised dates
  • Added Building Infographics
  • Updated the Coloured Chest Farming Guide
  • Updated Weapon Summary Graphic (includes new 4* blue & 5* red weapons)
  • Added Veteran Campain Stage Rewards
  • Updated Charge Speed Graphic

:building_construction: Building Infographics


Training School


Crafting Materials Usage & Guide


The high noon event seems to have changed, at least according to what i see here on the picture showing which bosses are at level 8 and 6.

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