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Mercenary Event Guides

Have started making these now. Am adding here & into OP as they get finished.

Green Event - “Jungle Showdown”

Click for Table Version

Blue Event - “Jungle Showdown”

Click for Table Version

Red Event - “Jungle Showdown”

Click for Table Version

Purple Event - “Jungle Showdown”

Click for Table Version

Yellow Event - “Jungle Showdown”

Click for Table Version


Puzzle Combat Challenge Event Guides

These are being updated as they reappear. V30 seems to have fixed the discrepancy between different difficulty tiers.

Grand Heist

High Noon

Raiders of the Wasteland


It seems like those values changed at some point.

I was experimenting with charge speed weapons and found some interesting things:


EDIT 2 – Rana at 34 speed needs 13 tiles to charge!

Edit: Suraya at 43 speed with that maxed yellow 4* weapon is average actually, charges at 11 :ballot_box_with_check:

If someone like SulfreenReactor could investigate how fast their Marigold charges with that purple 5* Inksplosion, that would be awesome (IIRC they’re one of the few player with a v fast hero + 5* speed weapon)


Thanks :slight_smile: those speed values look very handy.

You should be able to work out, if ( X) weapon, will increase your heros speed , with numbers above.

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Follow up to charge speeds:

Reformatted the OP & added in:

  • Charge Speed summary / Assessment by @DaveCozy

  • Weapon Summary Graphic by @Guvnor

  • Hero Special Skill Cost (Iron & Skillbooks) Graphic by @Guvnor

  • Farming Guide Information

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I edited the main post to include the correct charge speeds. Turns out 57 is fast (suppossed to be 9 tiles) but there’s a weird bug where my Catalina isn’t actually charging at fast with the SWAT 3* weapon (some kind of rounding error). Game support is aware and they said they’ve found the issue – most likely V21.6 will include the fix (but no promises).

Also, one of my teammates tested and Marigold does charge at 6 tiles with 80 speed, so we can assume that’s the breakpoint

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:spiral_calendar: Calendar of Recurring Events

Approximate calendar only. Dates may vary, especially for the rare quests

Old Calendars (2020)

November 2020 Calendar

October 2020 Calendar

December 2020 Calendar

January 2021 Calendar (V1.0)

February 2021 Calendary


We’ve only seen green and blue for the Mercenary event, and I have a feeling it’s going to cycle over all 5 colors.

The next color will probably be red, purple or yellow.

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I expect so too :slight_smile: just figured I’d loop out for now based on the info available currently

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@Guvnor this is empires and puzzles forum NOT puzzle combat… There should NOT be 1 much less 2… :blush: :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If there was an alternate spot I would put it there :wink:

there is one ( ! ) :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

LMAOOO u know i wub u @Guvnor


Various updates:

  • Updated Dam Busters infographic
  • Updated Grand Heist Graphic
  • Added Rare Quest Rotation Graphic

Will update the Weapon Graphic & the Hero Booklet with V22.0.0 balance changes soon.

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This might have changed again, just did a green chest and Area 3 Stage 6 was only 3 to 5 green kills. I checked out the first 12 areas and ran the ones that were all green enemies (albeit only once each) and got this:

Level WE Green Kills Regular or Elite stage
1-4 3 3 Regular
3-6 3 4 Regular
4-3 3 11 Elite
8-4 3 11 Elite
8-5 3 10 Regular
8-7 3 9 Regular
11-1 4 9 Regular
11-4 4 11 Elite
11-5 4 10 Regular
11-7 4 11 Elite
11-9 4 11 Regular

So 4-3 and 8-4 were tied for best today (I know you’ll want more data for a full analysis but maybe this can help people in the meantime)

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Yeah there’s a more recent version which now has Vet & Regular options.

I just haven’t gotten to updating it :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I shoulda known you were 2 steps ahead :smile:

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Various Updates

Updated a fair bit this time:

  • Updated Purple Merc Event Graphic
  • Updated all Rare Quest Graphics (small adjustments)
  • Updated Calendar to V1.4 with revised dates
  • Added Building Infographics
  • Updated the Coloured Chest Farming Guide
  • Updated Weapon Summary Graphic (includes new 4* blue & 5* red weapons)
  • Added Veteran Campain Stage Rewards
  • Updated Charge Speed Graphic

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