Puzzle Combat Resources

Puzzles Combat Resources

Puzzles Combat is a game currently being developed by SGG. It is currently only released/ available in a select number of countries.

This post will be migrated to the #Puzzles_Combat forum when one is developed.

Purpose of this post is to accumulate/ Aggregate the miscellaneous Resources currently available for Puzzles Combat.

Official SGG Puzzle Combat Links

Official Puzzles Combat Forum

Staff Response

Defacto general Forum Discussion Thread:
Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

SGG Official Support Website for Puzzles Combat


Official SGG News & Announcements RE Puzzles Combat


Discord Server - All Welcome

General Line Chat

Click for Line Group QR Code

Reddit Community (un-official…?)


Elemental Chest Farming

Credit @JumboRatty for this:

Previous Versions

NOTE - These are inaccurate due to wave rebalance in V19 update.

Hero Roster

Credit @DaveCozy here.

Click here for the most updated Hero Roster Graphics

Click for Hero Roster Graphics - Updated 23 May, 2020

Hero Booklet / Excel Sheet

Credit @guvnor. Last Updated - June 2020 (Mercenary Heroes)

Hero Assessment/ Grading

Credit @Graknork
NOTE - this is @Graknork’s personal thoughts. Updated June 2020 (Mercenary Heroes)


Promotion Material Requirements

Click to view Promotion Requirements for Heroes

Promotion Materials Guide

Challenge Event Stage Guides (boss & mobs)

Grand Heist
High Noon
Raiders of Wasteland

All stages, Red Mobs & Bosses reflects damage & effects

Stage 1: red,yellow - Boss Green
Stage 2: red/green - Boss Yellow
Stage 3: red, yellow - Boss Purple
Stage 4: red, green - Boss Red
Stage 5: red, green - Boss Blue
Stage 6: red, green - Boss Green & Yellow
Stage 7: Red, green - Boss Purple & Green
Stage 8: red, yellow - Boss Yellow & Red
Stage 9: red, green - Boss Blue & Green
Stage 10: red, yellow - Boss Purple & Red & Blue

Rare Quest Guides

Guides by @Guvnor

Zombie Horde

Mean Streets Guide - Ghillie Suite & Surgical Tools

Defence Alert Guide - Memory Stick & Crowbar

Defence Alert Guide - Tactical Mask & Crowbar

Missile Strike Guide - Rappelling Gear & Kevlar Vest

Path of Valor

Graphic by @Guvnor

Path of Valor 1 Summary Graphic

Charge Speeds & Tile Requirements

Click to Expand

Source @Graknork HERE


Woohoo! Thanks @Guvnor for putting all this in one place.

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That’s brilliant. Thank you. :+1: (bookmarks :bookmark:)

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Thanks, great post!

I’ve been having some fun with the game so far, I really love the alternative gameplays we get like target practice and zombie horde. They’re a lot of fun.

Downside for me at the moment is having already 3 Catalinas. She makes up 30% of my non-feeder roster at the moment that’s crazy :wink:


I’ve updated the hero graphics here :slight_smile:

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Updated to include Promotion Requirements for the various Hero Stars as well as a graphic of the Promotion Materials:


Zombie Horde Quest Guide :slightly_smiling_face:


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Updated to include revised grading from @Graknork (per V19 balance changes)

Also included the #Puzzle_Combat Reddit thread:

Is anyone tracking veteran mode rewards? Will be nice to know what to spect. Looking for the last surgical kit :crossed_fingers:t3:

Area 6
An alliance mate has been screenshotting but still early on.


already got that Guvnor, I’m at lvl10 in veteran at the moment. Hope one drops soon, purple is the only color that I don’t have a 4* full lvled. Thanks anyway!

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Hero Roster Spreadsheet updated with the Raiders Heroes & Balance Changes introduced in V19.0.0


Bit of a notice, V20 seems to have had a silent reduction in the number of waves on a couple stages…

Popular Farming Stages identified so far include Normal 8-1 and Normal 12-9

@JumboRatty also need to relook at the elemental farming guide… idk :slight_smile:


Rare Quest Guides

(Will add in the remainder as they come up :slight_smile:)

Mean Streets:

Defence Alert:

Defence Alert (2):

Missile Strike:


Haven’t seen any info on PoV floating around but this is what I have found so far. Maybe someone else has a finished version or we can finish it as a group.

Total needed points are 46.75k which works out as the same amount for empires PoV v2. With 22.5k Available from dailies. It also looks incredibly likely that there will be 5k points available per valor challenge category. Which if my math is good means we would have a total of 52.5k points available leaving a lee way of 5.75k for completing PoV to rank 50, which is very lenient in my opinion, which bodes well for lower players.

Sorry if all this info is already available somewhere, just trying to help newer players out.


Nothing Yet so thanks!! Spotted a full “guess” one on Line but haven’t gotten to making it into a graphic yet!

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Updated to include Defence Alert Guide :slight_smile:

Chucked together a graphic version of the Puzzle Combat PoV1 Information.

Thanks @Nalaso & also @kyteland (line) for confirming some of the data


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