Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

Not fair!

In addition to having a weapon named after her, she also gets her Avatar in as a Special Skill!

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I thought it was a nice touch that the hero was purple…like mine. Muahahaha! :grin:


In stage 10 I’ve found Blaire & strawman as bosses.

I just double checked my SS’s. Both normal and Easy have Blaire and Grohl. I haven’t done Advanced yet so it may be different. If so I suspect it’s a bug more than anything.

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Thanks for checking it and yes, I’m talking about advanced difficult, forgot to say it. Let’s hear what others say, I’m sure that I’ve found strawman cos I used your guide to build my teams and found me with a yellow team against him :crazy_face: I manage to beat the lvl anyway so I forgive you @Guvnor :wink:

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any idea what this Master Weapon event will look like, what to expect?

None :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll find out like the rest of us in 10 hours time hehe

Does anyone know how often the Master Weapon event will show up? Monthly? Bi-monthly?

Based on it moving the regular Challenge Event forward a week in scheduling, I would expect it to come about monthly.


I dunno how else to feel about that tbh


Yeah I really want to see how it pans out…

There are two scenarios where I would be “ok” with this as an addition:

  1. IF it is simply 15-25 weapons which are on an endless cycle

  2. IF it is simply a “featuring” of one of the existing weapons for a month

I really really really really hope it’s not an endless addition of new weapons each month… That will really kill a lot of the vibe for me I thinks…

Particularly if:

  1. The weapons are behind a pay-wall… really will ■■■■ me off if this is the case

  2. the “new” weapons are massively “better” than existing weapons (meaning you’re disadvantaged if you don’t have them)

  3. the new weapons introduce new skills/ casts with them… thus making the game more complex from soemthign which is SUPPOSED to just be a stat booster…


Class Talents incoming?
(Got it from the Drive-in)

(*edit: just saw the release notes on this :+1:)

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Yeah… not particularly pleased but will see how it pans out…


And still in soft launch, jeez. Surprised to see this before tournaments or advanced buildings.

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Going to make “catching up” harder for when full launch comes round…


Considering how many #ideas-feature-requests are in PC but not Empires, they could just use suggested catch up mechanics from this forum.


They may never release it world wide until Empires starts to die off.

The only knock off I have seen is the Battleships and Bimbo one ( no clue real name ) and insanely hard to tell ships and equipment apart on smartphone ( also looking at you PC weapons ).

Does Yarlani already have a rating in comparison to other 5*s?

If you jump in the discord server Grim has been updating his guide there.

“she is very comparable to Stinger, both in stats and ability, however she has a base lower speed and when considering all aspects of both of their specials Stingers damage is better and faster plus she heals, so Yarlani is strictly worse than Stinger. I would rate her as a 3.5 and stinger is a 4.0
this is similar to last months HotM being very comparable to Sureshot, both being glass cannons (high attack, low HP and defense, so good when you control on attacks but bad when AI controlled as defenders) but at least Umbras special was different and good on its own. Umbra 4.0 and sureshot 3.75”


Hi. Is there a roadmap about the weapon event? Sorry for my English

Pattern for the event:

1-- Blue Boss

2-- Yellow Boss

3-- Green Boss

4-- Purple Boss

5-- Red Boss.


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