Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

I’m working on updating those hero graphics up top, a lot of mercenary heroes added since the last update so it’s gonna take me a bit of time.

Also, War Machine Destroyers has 4 spots open!

We want strong members who can deal a minimum of 50k total damage to war machines (on average, give or take).

Must also have good communication for wars and use all attacks.

Line prefered but not required. Contact me on Line (DaveCozyPoo) for more details :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of you need their stats I have them all in the hero booklet (link on the resources thread).

Does anyone Know how Chul works?
I hit someone with full special charge and they did not lose any of their charge.
Just wondering if I am missing something or it is bugged?

Chul special skill works the same as Hansel & Gretel in Empires & Puzzles. Essentially at the start of the TARGETED Heroes turn, if their mana reaches/ is full they will lose half-mana & take the damage

If they had a “resistance” weapon they could have resisted the status ailment & hence not been affected.

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Ah, perfect. this explains the behavior. Thank you

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What those charge speed numbers mean in terms of tiles to charge a skill:

EDIT: Corrected 57 as fast (there is a bug that Catalina won’t reach 9 tiles with the SWAT weapon though)

Teammate confirmed that Marigold + 4th upgrade Inksplosion (71 + 9 = 80 speed) charges in 6 tiles. Meaning that’s the breakpoint for 6 tiles.

Currently, 82 is the max speed that can be reached with 5* Inksplosion weapon + Marigold (fastest hero). Von Hagen is the slowest hero so far, at 29 speed.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I’m trying to file a bug report but just keep getting pushed in circles.

The bug FAQ from the in-game support says:
“If none of the FAQs available can help to solve your issue, please tap “not helpful” at the bottom of the screen and then tap “Contact Us” to continue submitting a support ticket.”

But none of the FAQ pages have a “not helpful” link at the bottom.

Any suggestions? I’m on Android if that matters.

And yes, I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. I was looking at an enemy’s stats pop-up during the fight when she died, and then the pop-up wouldn’t go away. Nothing I did would make it clear. I was still able to move tiles (even won), but clearly something is off here.


You have to click the “No” button at the bottom here to open up a chat with customer support :slight_smile:

Regarding that issue specifically, I agree it’s a bug, however I also know there’s a workaround where you can tap and hold on another enemy to see their status window. Then if you stop holding, it’ll remove the status window and you can see the board again.

I saw this bug in Empires a while back, before they fixed it that was the workaround. :+1:


Thanks Dave!


That “No” button doesn’t exist on my screen lol :man_shrugging:
Here’s the whole screen:

And I’m sure this is the only trick I didn’t try lol, but I’ll remember for next time:


Oh seems like you’re in their website instead of the in-game support interface.

I’m accessing that screen in Options :arrow_right: Support

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Me too. I hit “options > support” and this is where I’m taken.

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Maybe try it this way then: https://smallgiantgames.helpshift.com/a/puzzle-combat/?l=en&p=web&s=contact&f=how-to-contact-support


I just found it a “was this helpful? > no” link on another page, I’ll try to use that. Thanks so much for your help :+1:


And then the support chat stalls and kicks me out before I even get to talk to a real person.

Forget it.

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What’s the bug? I can raise it if you want?

Hi Guv, thanks - I will try to submit another ticket, I just didn’t have time to keep running in circles this morning trying to do them a favor by reporting it (Mondays, ugh). Not a very user friendly Support path for some reason and exasperation got the best of me.

The issue was this:

You can see in the image attached to that post that the hero is gone but their stats pop-up remains (I’m not still holding down on the screen at that point). I could still move any tiles that were visible, but the rest of the board was obscured and unplayable. Dave gave me a workaround, and I haven’t tried to recreate it yet.

Ahh yeah; that chestnut lol… It’s a carry-over from EP I believe… If you tap & hold on another enemy hero it will replace the one who died.

But I’ll pass it along :slight_smile:


Well someone from Support messaged me this morning so I guess my ticket went through after all? Weird lol

Thanks again @DaveCozy and @Guvnor for your help :+1:


Oh yes. The current support system in Puzzle Combat is chat based rather than ticket based.

It’s better than zendesk (the current 3rd party software they are using in E&P) as it gives control to the user who wrote the request to mark it as resolved. And gives a chance to have a more streamlined conversation rather than an exchange of back and forth emails.

The cons is that it’s more work for staff, and could make the turnaround time longer for support requests if they’re not properly staffed. I’ve worked in roles like this before completing school, and that was my experience with chat based support systems on the other side of the screen.

But this new system should help avoid future missed requests so they don’t blow up on SG later.

Actually… :thinking:

I have a feeling the new support system they want to test in Empires Beta, is the one currently in Puzzle Combat



TiL that the Frost Eagle war machine has a stealth mode


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