Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

Native to Android in the United States Shunt. I downloaded it from Google Play like any other app.

Yeah but then I have to give up having a good phone.

Hi, I need some Support. Who would you give emblems to. Edge or Spud?
Graknork rates Spud higher than Edge, but I think Edge is as good or even better than Spud. He poisons all and is quicker.
Spud hits only three, but is a zombie who can ressurect and has a higher Defense.

ICYMI, @DaveCozy has some great feedback about this a little higher up the thread at Post 516

For myself, this isn’t a definitive list but some things I like about PC:

  • A fresh take on side quests (zombies/target practice): the mechanics on the enemy’s side is a welcome change from regular play whereas the side quests in E&P tend to be no different than map levels for the most part (not talking events, just quests).

  • S2 bonus coins: the random Cobalt Commissar on vet levels is basically the PC equivalent of Orichalcum Seadragons, but the PC system is so much better - always available instead of only 3 days a month, always worth 5 coins instead of skewed chances at 2/3/10 coins (or whatever it is), and I even like the trade for a loot box instead of an Atlantis pull because it includes more rolls so more chances for a good drop.

  • Able to feed more than 10 feeders at a time is freaking awesome and they need to implement it here

  • Weapons in PC level faster than troops in E&P, even with the bottleneck of having to feed like-to-like for promotion

  • I also like that PC weapons include more passive skills than troops do, like dodge or resisting status ailments, more variety/options are always good in my book

  • Weaponsmith > Barracks, and it’s not even close. Even though they need to be completely different since the leveling mechanisms are different, the weaponsmith is basically a TC20 for troops. It has Hero Academy-type functions available much sooner in a player’s progress, from the first advanced building that unlocks, and you get max functionality at SH/HQ20 instead of slogging all the way to 25 first. Being able to create 5* weapons at SH20 is sooooo much nicer than only getting 4* troops through pulls or having to build for 18 months first to reach HA7.


And to balance it out, some things I don’t necessary prefer in PC:

  • Endlessly breaking down weapons into parts, it’s just a dumb little thing but it’s annoying and feels unnecessary, and they fill to cap so much faster than feeders. This is very minor and more of a groaner than an actual nuisance, but it is a constant piece of grit in my shoe.

  • Not a fan of Raid Seasons, the extra opportunity for loot drops is nice BUT:
    -It’s half the loot boxes overall than Raid Tournaments (2 rankings once a month vs 1 ranking each week)
    -There are no balancing mechanisms like rarity or color restrictions, it’s just wide open regular raids (ie, 4* max with no ice heroes allowed)
    -There are no special rules to change-up the gameplay (ie, bloody battle, rush attack, etc)
    -The worst part: At the beginning of each monthly season ALL players over 1200 trophies are ALL reset back to 1200, and it takes days for Raid matching to level out again. For example, for the first few days my 3100 defense team of mixed-level 4* heroes and 3/4* weapons gets matched against teams all the way up to 4100+ of fully maxed 5* heroes and 5* weapons… every month. Players who should be 1300 cups fighting players who should be 2300 cups is dumb and backwards and punishing towards developing players for no reason at all. They’ve already got Raid Tiers broken down to 1200-1500-1800-2100-2400 trophies, and if they want to reset everyone like this they should be using that as a guide because the current system is bulsht. Truly an unnecessarily awful design feature that would improve immensely with just a couple small tweaks.

  • Skill books, the ascension bottleneck for special skills, what can I say other than booooooo hissssss :unamused: :-1:. For 4/5* heroes, it can take as long to get the books needed to max their special as it does to get the unfarmable ascension mats to max their base stats. It’s like having to level a hero twice from the standpoint of resources (now requiring iron as well as ham) and it takes much, much longer than over-feeding a maxed hero in E&P who only needs their special topped off.

  • War Scores are still alliance-based and not player-based and I know it’s just a matter of time before war shuffling catches on, the sooner they update this the better it will be for everyone as far as I’m concerned. (At least the in-game text makes it sound like this is the case, if not then it would nice to have more clarifying language like the new E&P in-game info)

  • Another minor thing, but avatars are seriously lacking, there’s only a handful to start and you can only get more by finishing certain events or seasonal tiers; there are none at certain milestone points within events and, surprisingly, no avatar missions. Not a big deal but it sure would be nice to have a few more in the mix and/or have more ways to get them, so at least we wouldn’t get teammates confused in chat lol.

  • There are a few QoL perks that are still using old E&P versions and PC hasn’t gotten the same upgrades yet, but I’m hopeful that they will eventually:
    -Alliances still don’t have the “Featured Message” function in chat, important featured messages have to go in the public banner
    -No “claim all” buttons in Training Schools, and they still won’t tell you how many feeders are ready a lot of times
    -I know there’s more, they escape me atm but they are several small QoL things that players here have really appreciated when they came to E&P


Overall, in a way they’re kind of like two generations of the same game, incredibly familiar at first and then you start to notice individual differences here & there that make each one unique. For the record, most of my criticisms probably wouldn’t even be an issue if I hadn’t played E&P first; if PC just existed by itself I probably would have just accepted it as-is, but since we have them to compare I’d have to say that each one is just subjectively “better” on different things.

I’ve enjoyed PC so far and plan to stay with it for the foreseeable future, having the E&P knowledge base helps immensely to navigate thru PC without the full feeling of “starting over” that might come with an E&P alt account. And it’s such a small player base right now that unexpected fun things happen that would never occur in E&P: such as lowbies like me getting great reward tiers in events, or getting to see your scratch-built alliance hit #60 Global with a 127k score. Lol, if you can believe it, PC global chat moves slower than my E&P alliance chat, which is kind of surreal all by itself, but the whole vibe in the community is just a lot more subdued and unstressed than it’s gotten here and that has been one of the most pleasant differences between the two games imo.



PS: We’ve got a new opening if anyone’s looking :wink:


The Devil’s Cartel
One bunk available

Rebuilt & rolling ahead as a leaner, meaner, sturdy army – smashing battlefields and growing war machines for that sweet premium loot. Currently hanging out around global rank #60-65, join the momentum as we carry this torch to even greater achievements.

We’re regular players who love the game but can’t adopt it as a way of life. We play daily, we kill war machines, we get into wars, and we have fun doing it.

-600 Trophies
-7/8* Machines (required)
-FFA Wars (optional)

-No Line/Discord
-Mellow Vibe
-Inactives Kicked


SG has to bring combat puzzles to Brazil, I like the game only needs more events, and to improve heroes, and also to adapt store prices for both combat puzzles and empires puzzle to the reality of the Brazilian market, prices are too expensive for Brazilian players.

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Hello Every one we miss an application in puzzel combat like EP toolbox in empires and puzzel that have all héros (attack défense …)with all événement and calandre for eatch month
WE néed same application that combat will be Fanny Friends

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Since 03 March I can not run this game on Nox, Google says that “your device is not supported”. Tried to contact the staff, but they do not want to answer me about this trouble. Don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

Some people on Line have reported similar style things with blue stacks. They have indicated that switching it from a 32 to 64bit and back seems to fix it…? Idk but if you connect with me on LIne (Guvnor81) I can put you in touch with the people who found / use the workaround?


Thank you very much, Guvnor! Now I have some hope. Line is blacklisted in my country [RU], but I will try to install it and connect with you.

Otherwise on Discord: Guv#3699

I failed with Line, Discord is the best way. Sent friend request to you, Guvnor. Me is Vasilius#9061.

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Puzzle Combat is now globally available! You can join the discussion on our official Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/PuzzleCombat/

Currently there are no plans to open Puzzle Combat forums in the near future, but we’ll keep you updated! Thus, I’ll close this topic for now.


As the game is now launched, and there isn’t to be any new forum for the game, could we have a thread here to discuss the new game?

I’m having a lot of fun playing this, and it’s great to see the tweaks they made to the game with this reskin. I love the weapons system over troops, it’s much deeper.

The system for leveling specials with separate items and iron is also great since you avoid the bottleneck of not finishing a special when a hero is max level.

There’s a great QoL I hope they bring here which is all the tooltips for ascension/promotion items have a little icon showing which color they work with. I think that would help a lot of newer players here to add that.

I’d love to hear what others think and have a place to discuss the game in the absence of a special forum


I know they decided to not do a full PC forum, but I HATE Reddit and so it would be so nice even to just get an area here in this forum where we can talk about it. It’s frustrating that the game i actually enjoy more is so much more opaque without the vibrant forum we have here for EP

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Doing a puzzle combat fourm was an idea at one point… I actually think this fourm ruined that… Yeah not a fan of reddit I pop on there time to time but is easier for sgg to monitor and really less hassle…


If you have discord jump into my server! It’s a lot better than the Reddit stuff and has allllll the infos :slight_smile:

(Note Petri has this thread locked so nobody but mods can reply to new comments merged here)

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