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Does Yarlani already have a rating in comparison to other 5*s?

If you jump in the discord server Grim has been updating his guide there.

“she is very comparable to Stinger, both in stats and ability, however she has a base lower speed and when considering all aspects of both of their specials Stingers damage is better and faster plus she heals, so Yarlani is strictly worse than Stinger. I would rate her as a 3.5 and stinger is a 4.0
this is similar to last months HotM being very comparable to Sureshot, both being glass cannons (high attack, low HP and defense, so good when you control on attacks but bad when AI controlled as defenders) but at least Umbras special was different and good on its own. Umbra 4.0 and sureshot 3.75”


Hi. Is there a roadmap about the weapon event? Sorry for my English

Pattern for the event:

1-- Blue Boss

2-- Yellow Boss

3-- Green Boss

4-- Purple Boss

5-- Red Boss.


Thanks a lot
It’s very helpful

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New bonus loot for earning extra Valor Points

Yeah, someone checked with staff & apparently they will be RNG driven loot (surprise surprise).

Unclear what the rolls are going to entail but they have indicated that there will be at least one roll for Promotion Mats & Emblems among other things :slight_smile:


My question is can you only collect the Mega Valor Chest once? Or, will you receive it like the regular valor chest, at every 1000 extra points?

The rewards on tier 50 can be collected only once.

After that, any excess Valor points go towwrds the normal Valor chest shown BELOW the tier 50 rewards.

Has anybody a kalendar for the next month (December)? At example for the events?

I have one under final stages of construction, just need to put the final touches on it.


Thanks a lot m’y Friends for all

I wish we could get PC here in the USA

It’s available on Android currently I believe. On iOS you will have to use an Emulator. On a PC you can use something like NOX or BlueStacks.

Is it native on android or do you have to fake your location to get it.

On an Android Emulator it should just be able to use the APK file; so the NOX or BlueStacks store should have it there & it just “installs” it directly.

In Aus, where it isn’t released yet either, I play using APKPure which, as above, just installs it directly onto my device, bypassing the Google Play Store.

For those of you who have played both can we get a thread going on which you enjoy better? Pros and Cons of each etc?

I have a lot of time put into Empires and Puzzles and just a short run in Combat Puzzle so far. I’m not sure which one I prefer actually.

Technically there is no big difference between the two. So, it’s more a matter of taste. If you you like fantasy graphics, play E&P. If you prefer military, go with Combat.
What I liked more in Combat is a concept of weapons. It is an equivalent of troops, but better designed. The ability to disassemble low level items for parts and use those parts to level up favorite weapons looks better than the way troops are maxed.


Native to Android in the United States Shunt. I downloaded it from Google Play like any other app.

Yeah but then I have to give up having a good phone.

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