Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

Well someone from Support messaged me this morning so I guess my ticket went through after all? Weird lol

Thanks again @DaveCozy and @Guvnor for your help :+1:


Oh yes. The current support system in Puzzle Combat is chat based rather than ticket based.

It’s better than zendesk (the current 3rd party software they are using in E&P) as it gives control to the user who wrote the request to mark it as resolved. And gives a chance to have a more streamlined conversation rather than an exchange of back and forth emails.

The cons is that it’s more work for staff, and could make the turnaround time longer for support requests if they’re not properly staffed. I’ve worked in roles like this before completing school, and that was my experience with chat based support systems on the other side of the screen.

But this new system should help avoid future missed requests so they don’t blow up on SG later.

Actually… :thinking:

I have a feeling the new support system they want to test in Empires Beta, is the one currently in Puzzle Combat



TiL that the Frost Eagle war machine has a stealth mode


Has anybody done a comparison of the common loot drops between E&P vs PC? I haven’t been keeping track but subjectively it feels waaay better in PC. Wanted chests, titan loot, war loot, etc, they all seem better, not only with better items but some of them seem to have more rolls.

Today’s war loot was rather glaring
Won both wars, but:
PC- hero trainer, weapon trainer, loot tix, unfarmable mat + low level trinkets
E&P- all low level trinkets

PC had more total items and much higher quality, and pretty much every war is like that.

Anybody else feel the same way? Anybody keeping track?

Not here, getting the usual crap like in E&P, and heroes look harder to lvl and rise SS. Also getting 5* weapons and heroes in PC seems harder to me, so I imagine both have similar odds and you are in a good rng moment

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I hope, the raid season will be changed. It is like in real life: the rich are getting richer and the poor can take the rest. There need to be some changes in Ranking or listing the rewards.
Sry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean

I have been playing Puzzle Combat for a few months now. So far, it is Ok. It could really use some tweaking though as far as the recruits vs. weapons. Right now, IMHO, the weapons that one receives vs. the recruits is unbalanced. The percentage of recruits needs to be increased, and the percentage of weapons needs to be decreased. Right now I am getting easily double the weapons vs recruits. This makes it VERY slow to level up heroes. I also play E&P, and the recruits one gains there is very good!! So Small Giant, can you tweak the PC recruits vs weapons? One other thing, what about putting the “Special” purchases into PC that you have in EP. I am one of those who regularly purchases some of the specials that become available in EP, and I would also purchase them in PC!! So, Small Giant, can you make that happen?? Other than that, I find the game enjoyable.

Lots of adjustments to hero scores, finally new HotM and now seasonal heroes.
@Guvnor please update link in Puzzle Combat resources thread to show latest hero ranks


Posted this to the resources topic but I think suits better here, sorry for duppe.

Can someone tell me which is the latest version? I’ve installed 23.0.0 and can’t log in and can’t find a newer version. Game says there’s a new version available.

Does anyone know when will this be available in Switzerland?

Probably never, as here in Spain :joy:

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Duppe, don’t know why, sorry.

I did an “update” but no change in version number.

The build number tho is b486

It’s now in APKPure for updating.

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Is the one I’ve installed. Was playing without problem till this morning.

Have sent a ticket to SG, hope I get an answe soo.

Does anyone have same issue?

Help me please: is there a roadmap about Halloween event in combat puzzle?

I’m still working on making one. I’ll try getting a text based one up tonight with a proper graphic by end of weekm.

Ok thank you very much

have to launch the game in Brazil

Answering this late. I am not tracking anything but from my experience, I’ve noted:

  • leveling up weapons is a lot faster and cheaper resource-wise than leveling up troops in E&P

    • This is mostly due to requiring parts rather than EXP to level up
    • They don’t need a hilariously high amount of food either which is good.
    • However, promoting weapons is insanely time consuming for 5* ones because they’re so rare to summon and they require you to sacrifice 2 4* weapons and 1 5* weapon. So the time spent upgrading them really seems to compare about the same as the time spent leveling up 4* troops
  • Heroes take much longer to level up in PC

    • this is mostly due to them having much more higher level caps, where the food costs actually start going up higher than anything we see in E&P (4*s go to level 4.80 and 5* go to level 5.100!)
    • Rare, Epic and Legendary Skill Books are a bottleneck too (though nowhere near as bad as emblems)
  • Materials-wise – I see very similar trends in PC and E&P.

    • You eventually get all the 4* materials (eq. to 3* unfarmable in E&P) + more if you can destroy 10* war machines consistently
    • 5* materials (eq. to 4* mats in E&P) are trickled here and there
    • however the materials required in both games is equalized… 2 of each general 4* ones and 5* ones + 6 color specific 5* ones and 8 color-specific 4* ones

The increase in rolls is likely due to the fact that they also drop weapons and parts for weapons. Something which titans and chests in general don’t do in E&P is drop troops – and likely why leveling up weapons also feels a lot easier than troops. The presence of craft weapons is a huge advantage as well… I wish that there were “trainer troops” in E&P which would be the equivalent.

In summary, I do note that there are some differences in terms of total items, however it is due to weapons working differently than troops. The downside however is that heroes are much more difficult to max than in E&P, though the additional resources and grinding time spent on them over E&P isn’t too bad.


Wow, thanks @DaveCozy!
I’ve noticed some of this but haven’t progressed far enough to experience the rest of it, thanks for the primer :+1:

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