Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

In the absence of a true forum for PC, I guess I’ll just ask here. I just accumulated 300 coins again, and I’m trying to decide whether to summon or hold my coins. When is the next challenge event? Are they on the same calendar as E&P? Should I hold out for that?

I’m still pretty new on PC, so my lineup right now is:

  • Cooper 2*40
  • Rashan 3*29
  • Orochi 3*21
  • Catalina 3*44
  • Vittoria 3*12

My next leveling projects are:

  • Jennifer 2*18
  • Catalina 1*1
  • Lena 2*25
  • Pat 2*30
  • Buzz 2*12

I also have Varvara 1 * 1 and Paladin 1 * 1, but nothing else rare or greater. So any rare is likely to help, except another red. (I also just opened the veteran campaign, and the first few missions prohibit red, naturally!) I thought about holding for a blue elemental summon, since I don’t have any rare or higher hero there, but it’s not like I can switch out Cooper until I get another healer anyway. Folks who have a little more PC experience, what do you recommend?

Yes, challenge events have been on the same schedule so far, but they’re the old school E&P challenge events, with only 10 stages and one day shorter (start on Thursday instead of Wednesday).

Having said that, in your position, I probably would not wait for the challenge event. 2* are not really worth levelling imo, so you need some 3* fast. Sure, you could wait for the challenge event, but it’ll hold you back for a couple of weeks, only to have a small chance at one of the event heroes… Probably not worth it.

Also, there are not many healers in PC… In fact, there’s only 1 4* healer in the entire game, and he’s a challenge event hero, so you want to get used to playing without a healer. Armor can help. I used Varvara instead of a healer in the beginning and now I use Bridget as a 4* Varvara, but I often play without armor as well and only attackers. So I wouldn’t advise on holding on to Cooper dearly and replace him with a 3*/4* blue ASAP, so perhaps it’s a good idea to do a Blue Elemental summon with your coins.

EDIT: Also, if you’re keen on getting a 3* healer, there’s only 2 in the game, and the best one of them is Blue (Dougal), so another reason to do Blue Elemental Summon :wink:


Wow! That’s nutty. Way different than E&P, where I try to run two healers constantly. Thanks for the info. Sounds like blue elemental summon it is. Happily, that’s up in just over 20 hours for me!

I do enjoy being in this position where I can wait for the right elemental summon to come around and KNOW I’ll get a 3* of the colour I need. Enjoying the feeling while I can. :joy:

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Closing the loop here, but I did the blue elemental summon this morning, and it was… Dougal! Thanks much for the help, @Starlynk. Because of my playstyle, I’ll feel much better about dropping Cooper for him!

Maybe not worth leveling, but I sure am glad I held onto a copy of each one until I get a deeper war bench. Won a 1 vs. 1 war (my alliance mates aren’t leveled high enough yet) last night against a person, basically because he/she ran out of heroes before I did. I used two full teams of basically unlevelled two stars for flags 3 and 4, and a team of just 3 unlevelled three-stars for flag 5! My opponent apparently ran out of heroes around flag 4. My first AW win in Puzzle Combat! :laughing:


Thanks, @Guvnor. What happens when you fill the zombie chest? I was only able to pass the first stage the first time I played, and I got through two this last time. Same question for the target practice chest if you know, please.

Also, if you get five chests on the airship thing, do you get to open them for free? Right now, I have two, and it says it will cost $2.99 (USD) to open them.

BTW, the raid algorithm needs to quit matching us up. How many times have I drawn your squad? I know four, at least.

Yeah fair number of times haha

You get some Zombie coins (and some other stuff…?)
Zombie coins you combine and do a Zombie summon. Can draw any of the 5 zombie heroes at the odds stated when you tap the “?” Next to “featuring spud!”

Unfortunately I don’t think so… I think all that happens when you get to 5x crates is that you have to either purchase it (and get the bonus box) or recycle/ destroy crates (to continue getting crates). From the tooltip when you destroy crates you get a small amount of equipment back… What that is I don’t know…

I have seen in Line there are rare Crates which seem to give 4* promotion materials… So maybe a plan is to just keep recycling the bad crates until you got 5x crates with “good” drops…

P.s. sorry moved your comment off that other thread. For now just trying to keep it (more or less) resources only.

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Figured it must be something like that, but I didn’t notice a Zombie portal anywhere, so I was just curious.

Well, that sucks. As F2P, I guess the airship will just hover there taunting me, then. Maybe they will make a way to shoot it down, like the ducks on E&P! Hehe

Not a problem. Wherever you think it goes best. Will be easier once the PC forums open.

No portal, you simply combine the coins from your inventory :slight_smile:
Just like the Alkylshards in EP :man_shrugging:

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Got it. That makes sense.

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One other thing; when you collect the 200 zombie kills you get either 10 or 15 zombie coins. Portal costs 10 coins so… Yeah haha

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Would expect nothing less from SGG. Right now, I’m just content to be making progress. I like the fantasy genre much better, so I figure my interest in PC might wane at some point anyway. I know it shouldn’t really matter, since it’s 90% the same game, but it does.

Hmm but the nice part is that there are ONLY zombies in that portal :slight_smile: no normal heroes

Well, that’s good, at least. At 1 pull per 2-3 months (eventually), it will take a lot longer to get sick of pulling the same three-star heroes! :laughing:

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It’s a little faster than that… if you can clear all stages, you get 80 zombies per event, so it takes 2-3 events to fill the chest and the event appears every 16 days, so it takes 1 - 1.5 month to get another summon, and sometimes you get 15 coins instead of 10 coins, so sometimes you can summon twice…

And the zombie heroes are actually pretty good! Spud and Lindsay are two of the best 4* heroes in the game and Roberto is pretty good for a 3* and Manfred… no wait, Manfred sucks… And Billy Bob… oh wait, you only have a 1% chance to get him, so I’ll talk to you in 10 years when I have him to tell you if he’s any good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eh, I forgot about that. So yeah, a little faster once my team has the chops to take the whole event down.

Thanks for the breakdown. Have faced both Spud and Lindsay in raids, and it’d be tough to quibble with your assessment.


Meet my lucky summoning cat, Robbie

His last three goes at putting his paw on the screen have resulted in

Isarnia + costume & Rigard + Malosi in E&P …

… and he’s just drawn me my first 4* in P&C from the elemental portal - Edge.

My general superstition about using him for summons grows!


HUUUGE balance changes, many heroes redesigned! Cleanse and Debuff are now much more common which will cause gameplay adjustments

Why hasn’t the official forum for PC been opened yet? These changes are significant and community input is NEEDED for all the radical game adjustments, not just in this patch but the last several would have been much more smooth if a forum existed @EmpiresPuzzles


I agree the game has so much potential but there’s just not enough official places for the game to truely grow at the minute… Delaying the launch much longer will just add to the already large gap between new starters and ‘pre global launch’ players.


Wow, that’s a lot of changes :scream: waiting to try the update to see how they feel

I miss the forum too, but more a wiki since at least we have this topic to talk about game

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