Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]


If you have / jump into the discord server there are some great resources & history in there!

Raiders is one of 3 current Monthly Challenge Events. We are expecting to see another 2 come soonish.

No Seasonal events to date

Rare quests are (as you identified) similar in their function to E&P

Target Practice & Zombies rotate thru every 16 or so days (alternate by approx 8 days).

also see PM :slight_smile:


Wondering the same thing @voidstrike. Does anybody know if and/or when this will be available for ios?

No word yet from the developers

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Thanks @Guvnor. All us ios users are gonna have catchin up to do provided the game lives up.

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Most of the world has catching up to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Only reason I am able to play is cause I am using an APK for it on Android.

You can do the same if you use an Android Emulator (e.g. Bluestacks). NOTE I don’t believe that Emulators NOR APK play is supported by the SGG support team so if something does go wrong, you’re probably on your own :stuck_out_tongue:


Just created this resource thread for Puzzles Combat,

Let me know if there is anything missing/ you want to add.

Main thing missing is the Promotion Requirements for each colour & star ranking.


They’re every 4 days apart :wink:

They used to be, but they nerfed it, which really sucks for new players who won’t be able to get the zombie heroes as easily.


Oh yeah, you’re right!

I announce when the special ops is up in the Discord server, and I just noted an 8 day gap in the most recent ones :slight_smile: It was 4 days before, that’s a shame that they extended it

@Guvnor, lookie who I got matched with in raiding today! :smile:

Hope this doesn’t break any forum rules. If so, please accept my apology.

The battle was tense, but my rag-tag band was victorious. Orochi’s blind saved my butt. You should have won. I’m sure you’ll get me on revenge!


Updated the hero graphics with the new event heroes

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I don’t typically revenge but I’ll check if you’re still in the tower :stuck_out_tongue:

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I started playing both Puzzle Combat and Empires & Puzzles in the middle of December-19. At first I liked PC better but I realized that EP was way more balanced.

Today, I feel that PC is more difficult than EP but I’m also very disappointed with PC because I never get any 4-star heroes, just 3-stars. I find it quite odd that I get 4-stars in EP with 2-day training but can never get any 4-stars in PC, despite having trained several times. It’s like you just can’t get them at all. I’ll keep trying but it seems rigged to not allow that. Also, my 3-star heroes have quite high levels now but still do less damage than heroes of equivalent levels in EP. I don’t know why the damage and difficulties seem so much worse in PC…is it because they factor in armor in PC?

EP grew on me and felt better and better, but PC just feels worse and worse the more I play…

Hmm strange; I’ve had kinda the opposite feeling… But I’ve been playing EP since 2018 and only just started PC recently so maybe its a “newness” factor.

Regarding this bit:

You’ll find (I’m like 99.9999999% sure) that the odds on the Training Centre 13 is exactly the same between PC & EP. In EP, its estimated to be about a 5% chance for getting a 4* hero out of TC13. So if you got multiples you got REALLY lucky… I know @DaveCozy ran the TC13 for ~6 months in PC & never got a 4* hero…

It’s worth remembering that both games are a grind… Neither are meant to be “completed” in a sitting… You play, you grind, you progress. Repeat.

You’ll note that the stat distribution is quite different between PC & EP. Even HP is (on average) lower in PC than in EP… Armour is a different factor altogether but I don’t believe it is affecting anything… It’s more like the new “boosted health” mechanic being introduced in EP (note it was in PC first so… :man_shrugging:)

Can’t help ya with that one :stuck_out_tongue: Advice is if you’re not enjoying one, ditch it. No point spoiling the other with the failings / feelings towards the other.


5% to get a 4-star from training-level 13 seems extremely low…I did expect it to be something like 10% or even 20%. In my case, 10-20% would make sense since I have gotten at least a few 4-stars (in EP)…I really don’t think I’ve been THAT lucky. It has been a decent distribution. But I think it’s way worse in PC since I never get any 4-stars at all there. It’s so bad that I hardly even get decent 3-stars, so I feel kind of stumped. I have a team that I keep levelling but it feels like I get nowhere with them and I also don’t get decent replacements. So yeah…PC is soon completely dead for me. Definitely worse odds there, worse stats, higher difficulty and…well, there was a certain appeal at the start but it’s gone now. No such feelings for EP, though.

Perceived. Just cause you feel that the odds are worse doesn’t make that so…

As I said, the EP odds on most of the training levels are pretty well studied (can search the forum to find the threads).

PC is new so doesn’t have that data dump & assessment yet. HOWEVER the TC levels are identical to EP ones so it’s MORE LIKELY that the odds of training are the same too… I mean if it ain’t broke, don’t fix irm

Still farming 12-9? Anyone Found better place for general farming, including spades, rare skill books and recruits?

There’s no better place for those items, unfortunately. 8-1 is better for recruits but no spades or rare skill books there.


Thanks @Starlynk . Special skills lvling and weapons upgrade system are the things I like the least about the game, think both need a rethink. Many heroes with low special waiting for some books to drop. Same with 4&5* weapons, they are hard to get and then you have to feed them to other to upgrade. This game is already an endless grind without those lvling mechanics. Need better drop rate or less requirements IMO.

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