Puzzle Combat forums? [Staff response post#10]

Well now that we know community staff here may want to create separate categories for PC, I may as well share these now.

I’ve put together charts of heroes 3*s, 4*s and 5*s, very much inspired by Pois1 topic here for E&P: New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

Because these lists include so much information, they’re best viewed on a computer!

Last Updated: 2020-08-22T17:15:00Z

  • Updated with bug fixes:
    • Mirage speed was listed as slow, but she’s actually average
    • Von Hagen was listed as v. slow, but he’s actually slow
  • Added all Mercenary Heroes :slight_smile: + family bonus
    • I don’t have access to their titles anymore (listed when you click the :mag: button on the card now – and you must own the card to see that).
    • I would appreciate any help getting their titles from players who have the mercenary heroes :slight_smile:

Stat total = Attack + Defense + Health + Speed

3* Heroes

4* Heroes

5* Heroes



Family Bonuses