Puzzle Combat: Display of metal amount inaccurate

It’s the second time I experience this. My metal bar shows the amount which is needed to upgrade a building, but when I want to upload I get the message that I don’t have enough. Seems like the display of metal I have in stock is rounded up.

Hi @diesdas

We currently don’t usually discuss PC bugs here. We’re regularly requesting a better space for PC discussion.

@DaveCozy @Guvnor

Is there a good place for PC bugs or does it just need a ticket in game?


I collected about 760 more iron and was able to upgrade. Hat 82 iron left after the upgrade. So I was almost 700 short on iron. I am suprised why it would be rounded up when more I am more than 500 below the amount I need.

Ah ok, just a rounding issue rather than missing iron

Either that or wrong display of upgrade cost. Could also be 47.5 upgrade cost but only 47 was displayed.

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The same goes for E&P, as both games share the same logic (rounding):

See Wrong rounding, no response from SGG tho.


There isn’t really… Mainly just use the in-game support contact.

As above this isn’t really a “bug” but more an annoyance… Once either resource ticks over 10k it starts rounding…

So 46550 will display as 47k… 47250 will display as 47k


Ah, ok. I can’t remember experiencing that at E&P

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Like Guv said, I’d recommend contacting support for Puzzle Combat bugs. You can attach images through the support ticket system.

Here is how to contact support through the in-game app:


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