Puzzle colours

I atacked titan four time and puzzle give only blue and purple colour not red isnt it a bug? İf it isnt a bag what is it? Only luck? Haha you lie only your ı cant believe

Although there’s only 1 red on the starting board, it’s actually not a bad board. Switch the 2 gems I marked in the screenshot and you would have collapsed the entire left side of the board. Plus you would have a 5* blue which would help clear out the rest. 2 moves and you’d likely have more than 1 red…

Are you so optimist? When titan atacks me takes my heros half life how many ı atack titan? And how much ı get point? 5k or 10k?

You had a little bad luck on the subsequent tiles drops, but given that you’ve almost fired Colen and have already used Boldtusk, there were red tiles there before. You just cleared them all out and they were not replaced with more red tiles.

As @LadySuzanne points out, you can make a blue diamond to clear out a lot of garbage tiles. There will be reds in there, and judging by how many blue will be cleared, you may get a couple more matches to cascade.

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