Putting an Average to each rank in challenge events

feel as though placing an average to each rank would have players replay more stages in challenge events. honestly, there isn’t anywhere to go to see if their score for each stage was good enough. The only place I’ve found some scores would be here in the forum but they’re previous scores from players. you can’t rely on the date the scoreboard was posted because it could’ve been a Screen shot that was saved from a past event and posted as an example.

if someone could pass this onto SG it would be great for the next update.

Thank You

Players often post their current scores / request advice on where to improve scores in the Monthly Challenge Event threads that are made.

Here is this months thread:

As you can see, there are many players who’ve posted their scores & many who have requested/ benefitted from those scores.

As for your request, I’m not really sure what an “average” score of each stage will show you… Cause mathematically, an average will be “better” for 50% of players and “worse” for the remaining 50%. Looking to the tiers, cut-offs for rewards is 100k players (at the outside)… Looking to the number of players who compete in each week’s tournaments it is >1 million players, I expect that there would be more players involved in the monthly challenge events but we’ll go with 1,000,000 players.

100,000 is 10% of 1,000,000 which is << than the 50% cut off for which the “average score” would be useful.

Just my thoughts.


Average != median

However your point is still valid

exactly my point checker the median. Guvnor I understand what you’re saying maybe this is an idea that this forum has seen too many times but not many players know that there’s a forum for the game to research information for a question they may have that their alliance can’t answer.

Under Legendary rank 2-10 it can have: 1,230,000 - 1,350,000. with this score you have this percentage to reach this rank.

This portion is pretty long to have with the rank numbers. this portion can be sent into the inbox at the start of the event or implemented into the rules.

E&P can continue with their random % like they’ve done with summons. To get themselves out of hot water if a player reaches this score and dont get into this rank they can reply with “Its not guaranteed that you’ll reach rank 2-10 with your score but you’ll have a higher chance to do so”

Are you meaning STAGE averages or RANK scores?

If the former, it is a new idea. If the later, it is a duplicate idea for this thread: [Challenge Events] Show Points To Reach A Loot Tier Next To The Rewards

the former it would have a much higher replayability.