Put Rare Wanted Missions on regular cooldown

Pretty sure the elemental chests are random like everything else in this game. I’ve gotten an elemental chest within a few days of each other without speeding and one within 1.5 months after each other. The developers like casino like style to encourage spending. Why fix something that mints money like casinos, best money making model.

The reason I think missing/stopping Raid wanteds affects the rare Elemental Wanteds is that I used to do ALL (monsters/raids/titans) all the time. And I got 4-5 rare chests from the time they started spawning.

About 2 weeks ago, I stopped doing regular raid chests daily. I was annoyed with Raid and said **** it. And NO rare chests have spawned since I stopped. None.

Since they are random, the more chest you do the higher the chance you will hit one. It’s just like picking a number from 1 to 100 everyday. If you pick 3 numbers each day vs if you pick 1 number each day, the chances of hitting the right number has a higher chance if you pick 3 per day vs 1 per day. Everything in this game is about gambling and RNG rather than fixed intervals to reduce bad streaks. I guess that is why casinos are printing their own money. The more people lose the more frustrated they get and emotional spending occurs.


Me not emotional. Me want chest! :grin:


From Titan I first go out. The baskets never violate. I miss missions but what I play and this. I also rated the 5 * game and nothing

I like to see one every 2 weeks not every 2 months as that is whats been happening to me for tbe past 6 month i have only seen 3 special wanted mission and tbey have been 2 months apart from each other

Well you received one more than I did in that same time frame. :rofl:

I like the idea of them showing up more often, but I am not holding my breath for the Devs to make that change,

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I’ve been here 3 months and have had five at least. But I was here all day long playing for the first two months of that; I’m thinking the frequency is affected by how often you close out a regular wanted mission (and I’m guessing that it matters that you hit all three categories as often as possible.

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I was closing out both missions twice a day and titan pretty regularly once a week. I guess that’s 14 clears or 15 if we count titans.

I’ve been averaging about 1 per week on elemental wanted chests though I haven’t been keeping super close track; I’m on my 4th fire summon so that’s 31ish days played and I’ve had 4-5 chests, blue, holy, purp (when I just started) and fire x2 though I may be confusing the second fire one with my alt TBH.

I skip missions timers every time I can, seems to be 3 per day you can skip. I have had maybe 6-7 rare mission, not sure.

It is all 100% random, the more you do it the higher chance you get one.

I’ve been clearing out all my mission chests on a daily basis and I haven’t gotten an elemental chest in 1.5 months, a few people in my alliance has gotten 3 or more during that time so it just bad luck. Just wish they would make it every 15th one or something like that but the entire game is casino style so this is no different.


NOW I got my second ever wanted chest. So far I got one every 3rd month. I open the chests daily. Every day. Every. Others in my clan claim to get these like every other week. I really don’t think this is fair at all! Why not put wanted chests on a cycle, like 10 regular then one wanted?
With the rare quest so extremely rare I kinda never even get the chance to find ascention mats.

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Vigor, did you always find them so rare, or have they fluctuated for you? (I note fluctuation.) Just curious.

Hello Rook!
I started playing in April I believe. I got one in July and one now I October. I open all chests daily. :fearful:
That’s the only one I got.

Ah okay. I’ve been naughty and not been opening the hero/Raid ones :grin:

Do you get wanted chests more often?

Yep, I just assumed my inaction was part of the problem. :wink:

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I don’t believe that’s 100% accurate. I’ve been lucky enough to have two elemental wanted chests at the same time. One appeared in the monster slot, and one in the raid slot. After that, I started dropping as many gems as I could to speed-up the timers for the chests (figuring I’d keep getting a decent number of elemental chests), but never had that kind of luck again. It went back to me getting one elemental chest every few weeks to a month or so. I believe it’s completely random, and a low spawn rate, just like everything else in this game.

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