Put Rare Wanted Missions on regular cooldown

As it currently stands, we are extremely handicapped when it comes to progress in this game. To progress, we must acquire loot that is so rare we often might have a better bet with a letter to Santa to get them than with the limited ways currently available. One of these limited ways we have are the so called “Wanted Missions”.

To trigger a rare wanted mission we must “endure” the regular missions. Those, of course, come with loot which we generally already have in abundance (e.g. ham and iron and practice swords, yay!). This method is often tremendously tedious, as the missions seem to pop up in irregular intervals, and (at least I) sometimes don’t see them for weeks!

So to perhaps ease the issue of crippled progress via the specific loot we need, I suggest the following:

  • Add elemental wanted missions as a 4th regular mission
  • Give it a longer cooldown (say 2-3 days) to mark its significance over the others
  • Have the elements rotate, so its never the same element twice in a row
  • Bonus: Possibly keep the “rare spawn” in place of raid and regular moster missions

Aditionally, I add this last bit, which isn’t really related to the main purpose of this topic, but I felt it didn’t deserve its own…

This nausance of mine is in regards of the inconsistency of how fast we can burn through the regular missions. The thing is, while it is possible to burn through the regular monster mission without popping a flask, it virtually isn’t possible with the raid mission. So to bring the two more in line, I suggest to either lower the raid mission requirement to 30 from 40, or increase the raid energy cap to 8 from 6, so to make it doable with perfect score. (Perhaps the raid energy could also increase as we level?)


I love the ideas. It’s not too much to ask for either. And it would make things way more interesting then at the time being.

Great Idea, Hope it will be so

There are two kinds of missions on the main screen:

  • Wanted (brown) - 100 monsters, 40 Raids or 5 Titans
  • rare Elemental Wanted (purple) - 150 of a requested Elemental (colored) monster.

I like the following things about your proposal:

  • Elemental Wanteds are a new category
  • Elements rotate
  • Decrease Raids to 30 or increase Raid energy to 8

What I’m less clear on is WHY the Elemental Wanteds should trigger so fast? I mean, I know I want them to, but typically mine have been popping after weeks, not days. What’s your rationale for the change?

The 2-3 days I put in the OP is merely an example I pulled out of my rear. Though, I actually find that quite reasonable, given that what we need right now is an improvement to loot. The player progression is severely hindered by the lack of ascension loot availability. The rare wanted quests, at least the ones I managed to get, seem to give quite reasonable loot. To have them available more frequently would greatly improve on the current situation.

I for one have been trying to acquire TWO hidden blades for several weeks now without the slightest hint of luck, and it frustrates me quite much. Slaughtered countless titans, opened at least 5 titan chests since I began the hunt, not to mention dozens of regular mission chests (all of which contained garbage) and I’m like ARRRRGHHH!!!

Things need to change. And change quick. Players are leaking from this game like water through a hole in the bottom of the bottle.


I think this is a great idea. Have a fixed elemental chest wanted mission would solve this problem and remove the luck factor in some people getting them more often than others. I think 2 days is a little too low, maybe have it every 5 days. Currently I get a elemental chest every 2-3 weeks so I wouldn’t mind waiting 5 days. It takes 5 days to open titan chest anyways and the loot is usually crap.

Today I got a nature chest and got 2 hidden blades and 2 EPIC tokens, best I’ve gotten so far. Of course I’ve been playing 4 months now and finally got together 4 hidden blades. Now the question is who do I final ascend got three cards ready (Scarlett, Gormek and Colen). It’s been so long…lol


I think 5 days is more reasonable for something so precious (though of course any number we all come up with is arbitrary…) :confused:

I think the rewards could be tweaked to a narrower range or a different distribution anyway; if we’re decreasing the frequency by a factor of 10, then adjust the loot statistics as well.

I think the end goal is to take some of the tedium out of the game, like it’d really do much to break the game to increase the frequency of things like chainmail shirts let alone higher level ascension items like warm cloaks or similar. Tokens being more frequent, that I can understand as a problem from the developer’s perspective as that’s the core revenue generation (rolls of the gacha) for the game I suspect, but doing something to address a fairly fundamental issue with the game that engenders legions of complaints (“I can’t advance my heroes for months”) would seem to be appropriate from a game design standpoint and this is one idea to address that.

That’s my thinking around the issue at least, I don’t mind having to farm for stuff (I did that in EQ and WoW for more time than I care to admit) and autoplay makes it fairly un-timeconsuming once your team is stable in a given level, but when a lot of reviews and similar all complain about the same issue, that’s a turn-off for a lot of prospective players which don’t want that out of a phone app.

Anything that can make the game more appealing without touching the core revenue stream should be given serious consideration from a product perspective.


Verrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry goooooooooooooood

You can tell me how long the purple boxes come out thanks

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Does anyone KNOW the exact formula to pop the rare Elemental Wanted (purple) chests? I sure don’t.

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The only reasonable thing I’ve read here that I agree with is to have “colored chests” appear at their own intervals (with visible timer?) and as a separate category from normal 100/100 monsters and 40/40 raid heroes.
Anything more than that is asking devs to “throw more loot at us”

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More of the coloured chests pleeeease! They are far to random amongst players! I myself have reviewed only ONE. One the entire time I have played… Members in my alliance say they have them like once a week or once every 2 weeks. Why not a formula like every 10th chest is a coloured one? If you opens a lot of chests you get lots of rewards, seems more fair and you will get motivation to open chests.
I open the monster chest everyday, but I don’t bother with the raid one. But I really don’t feel it’s worth the time anymore. Ordinary summon tokens are also poor gift for someone above like lvl 15.


I open every single monster/hero chest and titan chest every 5-7 days depending on how well my alliance does on Titan kills. I get an elemental chest on average every 4-6 weeks. I agree they are very rare and should be on a cycle of one every Sunday or something. Having them on a 10 chest cycle people will just speed them up with gems, which isn’t a bad idea but SG doesn’t like giving away ascension materials with small purchase of gems, they rather you gamble so it will never happen.

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I think the Raid chest plays a part: since I stopped opening raid chests, I haven’t seen a single rare element Wanted chest. Hmmm…

I do both mission chest and hero raid chest on a daily basis and 90% are from the mission chest and the rest are from the hero chest. I did get once get one from the titan chest but those are so rare since it takes 5 days minimum to clear one. Mission chests are the easiest since all you need to do is farm 8-7 every 12 hours. Raid chests you need to win 8 battles flawlessly so best you can do is every 14 hours but more like one every 16-18 hours depending on how many battles you lose.

They really need to make the RAID energy 8 or lower than hero mission chest to 30 instead of 40.

I have been playing for a few months, can’t really remember. Up until now I have opened raid&monster chest every day. And titans at least once a week. And ONE coloured chest!?! Now I have stopped with the raid since like 2 weeks, the rewards where too poor for the effort…

I agree it just ain’t worth the effort considering what kind of crap you end up getting. It is good for ham and iron and that is about it. I’ve been playing for 5-6 months now and I only got one ascension item through a mission chest that was not an elemental one. The only good reason to do them regularly is to get a small lucky chance at the elemental chest but that comes around once every 4-6 weeks if you are lucky. The rates need to increase or make them fixed intervals like all other successful games like Clash Royale.

Rare wanted doesnt seem to be based on time, but on amount of wanted missions you get. Skipping timer for missions will give you them faster.

That didn’t always work for one of my players.

Also, I’m wondering if not doing Raid wanted missions impairs you getting Rare Wanteds.

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