Put 4* troops in daily summons


Please put chance at 4* troops in the daily summons. Right now the only way to get this is through EPIC troop summon which has really bad odds.


Its just a less chance of hitting it and possibly hitting 1* to 2* troops. But not impossible i assure you…


I don’t think it is currently possible to get a 4* troop from the daily summons. I’ve only ever seen a 3* troop from the daily summon.


You can’t get 4* heroes through the regular summons either, only through epic / legendary.

What do you see as the difference, troops not being able to be trained via TC?


Or a chance of receiving an epic summons from the daily summons


In so many months, I’ve only seen 3-4 3* heroes from daily summons. What difference does it make to add 4*, on the very very slight chance we might win? Okay then…


The daily summon is max 3* and even that chance is low. But you will get free epic troop tokens if you don’t want to spend