Puss or Zim? Need advice please

Both great choices, but would go with Zim too, a great flank or even left wing when not running Mother. Would be a much harder choice if you have Red Hood, Delilah etc. When those are back in the summon wheel you should already have a new set of rings. Zim is as good/bad tank as Puss too if you need to run a red one imo.

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If your current defense is holding around 2500, why worry about it? Choose the one that will help more all around. Zim is great for titans, trials, war, farming, in short everything. I’d level her first then Puss when you have time in the future.


Only reason I would say to level Puss is if you also have Queen of Hearts.

Otherwise you’re looking for a support hero and imo Zim is better at that. Fast cleansers don’t exist outside Zim.


Fast cleanser you say? Costumed Sonya, way cheaper to level. Better yet, Grazul, a very fast healer the resists status ailments to all.

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But harder to come by than the Zimkitty that he already has :stuck_out_tongue:


Ugh, thank you all. Its funny cause i said in alliance chat Ultra, fyi, costumed Sonya is s fast cleanser. I noticed that too. Great feedback everyone. But its not about support heroes. You all play, you all know. Im trying to make a unique viable defense that mskes people hit reroll. I currently reside between 2300 and 2700 cups. Like when i hit the raid chest its always diamond but i drop to platinum before i get back up and fill. You all are obviously knowledgeable, whuch of the lineups would make you hit reroll? Which would you ansolutely not want to face??? If any…

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In honesty, the heroes you have aren’t the ones that people will automatically reroll on. And really, there isn’t a defence that exists that will make everyone reroll

Personally I hunt Aegirs tanks. I find them them relatively easy to defeat. Others hunt Guin. Others Kunchen… there’s no perfect tank :wink:

Regarding your two options, I think the first is better. I haven’t seen any Puss tanks in platinum so that’s possibly an indication as to him not being the best tank around…

To answer your question about the most fearsome defence you could put together, something like:
Finley → Kingston → Black Knight → Ursena → Drake Fong

Would cause many people to think twice… Especially if emblemed…

Have a look at this thread for some other inspiration of some daunting defences:


Agree to an extent

I still prefer to team graz with a cleanser(preferably zim)

With RnG boards it’s not uncommon(at least for me) for the defenders to cast ailments in between grazul charges and her effect only lasts 2 turns so when thinning a board it can be a long stretch between her specials

Costume sonya is good but if you can go a 5* over a 4* it’s typically the better way to go and i dont see sonya being a viable option in defense

That being said, i wish i had costumed sonya but i dont think she would replace the amount i use zim

Zim also has the elemental link heals that stack with any other heals. Her & aegir synergy is pretty awesome in offense. 2 healers. 1 cleanser. 1 defense buffer. Neither at slow mana; not common to find that in the 5* heroes.

I would love to have puss but i think zim is the overall better choice for versatility

She does well in both mono and 3-2 offenses
And does well in rainbow defenses

Anyways just my rambling 2 cents

Options you mentioned are good; but i just don’t think their direct substitions or replacements

Defense tank wise

Puss > zim for all the reasons in the OP

Minion stacking and durable

If you can run a rainbow defense, it’s typically best as it puts your best troops up front and is easier to synergize across an alliance for wars

At the end of the day until you’re at 30 or more maxed 5s i would put offense first

If you don’t have a hero to help you offensively then go defense OR if your hitting all your marks well in war titans etc and you can improve your AW defense for you and your teammates then not a bad idea to do so

Should mention jf is comin next month and may add more to your decision

Didnt want to split this into 2 posts even though they respond to 2 different posts

@WayTooSmall hope any of that jumbled crap helps lol

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It would be interesting if you pulled Delilah in February’s Atlantis portal to add to your minion horde. As a Zim owner myself, I’ll admit that Zim isn’t the sexy choice here but it’s the best one.

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As Nena & Kim Wilde would say, Zimkitha > Puss → Anyplace Anywhere Anytime

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@Guvnor I am assuming you aren’t including costumed Sonya for fast cleansers?

No I hadn’t

a) currently you can’t get her as costumes are in hiatus
b) Zim is in the stable. Sonya costume is not summoned at this point.

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@Guvnor Okay. Thank you for the clarification. :grin:

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Try Finley ursena black knight zeline and drake fong high emblemed… they punished my blue mono team lol 46xx team. Brutal!

Finley needs mono red with mitsuko anchoring :slight_smile:

Wow, highly intelligt, well thought out responses. Thank you all. And yes i could decipher the jumble lol. The fact you dont see emblemed boots means either he isnt good, no one has tried, or not many pulled. Still a bit torn. Ugh.

I have a Zim maxed almost entirely and PnB will be next. Zim is great everywhere, PnB needs summoner heroes like QoH, LoL and Seshat to realize his full potential. I view him as an offensive threat and Zim as the total utility hero. I almost always use her since I see GMs and Drakes all day.

Zim is the best choice, no question. She is good for every possible use. Great to have in defense as a cleanse + buff + damage. Great for raiding. Great for any titan except red rares. Great for challenges. Great for use in farming teams. If you max out Zim, you will never look at her as a hero you regretted leveling.

Puss is a one-trick pony. He’s only useful if you also have other summoners in your team, and even then he’s more of a neat trick than an amazing asset. He isn’t bad or useless, but he’s not as useful as Zim.

Ok, sounds like Zim is safe choice. Thank you all.

So its been a minute, but i faced my first Puss tank. I went 3-2 with triton, lianna, Aegir (i kniw a dumb offense choice), Hansel, and Sonya. All maxed and embkemed except Sonya, and i had a good board so smoked him in 2 movee. But was encouraged to see a Puss tank emblemed +2. Only one ive ever faced. Glad, based on y’alls advice, i maxed Zim.