Puss n Boots

So I was super blessed with pulls recently and got mother north, 2 boss wolfs, another Elena, Thorne, Elkanen (the male elf to match his sister) from TC20, buddy, and a plethora of 4s. My question is, is it just me, or is Puss gonna be a nasty tank emblemed up? I mean wow. Heals, buffs, gets a 3 blind mice meat shield to make him tank better, and then some. I am really interested in everyone’s thoughts on him as a tank ONCE EMBLEMED to increase defense and health. I don’t see many red tanks and I currently use Aegir+6. Puss is a rouge! He can dodge the specials that, at tank, you know will.be coming. Maybe I’m wrong. But I was so happy to get him over snow white. Am I nuts? Thanks for responses.

P.s. got 2 grimbles too. 2 Neiths last month, one already maxed and she’s so clutch on offense. But that’s for a different post.

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