Puss in Boots: The Anticipation

With the early on Puss in Boots, I’m actually quite excited and may drop some money on him in an attempt to pull him. I understand that Grimble is coming out and all that jazz, but I’m purely thinking about this on an offensive level. Here is the KNOWN info about Puss in Boots so far.

Puss in Boots Beta Info & Stats

Rarity: Legendary/5*

Attack: 764
Defense: 727
HP: 1322

Class: Rogue
Family: Grimforest
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: SlowAverage

Special Skill: Thee Blind Mice

  • All Summoner allies summon a Minion for themselves.
  • Summons 3 Mouse Minions with 6%10% HP and 30% attack inherited from the caster. The Minions have -32% accuracy.
  • All allies regenerate 548 HP over 4 turns.
  • All allies get +30% attack for 4 turns.

Based on this information if I pull him, these are gonna be my possibilities, given the heroes I currently have:

3-2 stack of red and purple
Seshat, Red Hood, Puss in Boots, Thoth-Amun, Santa

3-2 stack of green and red:
Marjana, Buddy, Puss in Boots, Buddy, MN

3-2 stack of yellow and red
Inari, Puss in Boots, Delilah, Scarlett, Drake

I know some of those particular teams aren’t that impressive when it comes to offensive specials, but that isn’t really the point. Just the fact that I could do something like that intrigues me. I know many don’ really care for minions, but on offense, if you have both Puss in Boots AND QoH, image the shenanigans… If I ever pulled both of them? I shudder to think about it.

So, to the POINT of this post.

If YOU pulled Puss in Boots, what combo of heroes would/could you use him with if he came out in his current state?

I mean let’s be honest, this forum notwithstanding, minion heroes are rare enough, let alone full teams or multiple synergistic teams. This is the best I could muster, with Cheshire standing in for the Bootmeister:

For fun.


Just to make a point clear if you got puss in boots and delilah for example
When puss activated only delilah will get her minions not the whole team

And it sure is very fun to use, I want QoH as well and hope i can pull them


I understand that, but every hero (or nearly all the heroes I listed) are minion summoners. So, according to the most recent version of Puss in Boots, all of them will summon their own minion. Delilah would summon hers, Red Hood would summon hers, Inari would summon hers and drake would just be looking around like “W.T.F. am I supposed to do?!”.


That isn’t a bad line-up of minion summoners. You have a summoner that stops mana from getting cut, one that makes her the only target and one that regenerates her own minions after the first one pops up.

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Nah, he’d see that the mice were already blinded and think, “my work here is done”…


I see what you did there, (lol) but Tbh with you, I don’t like that Puss in Boots (PiB) summons 3 blind mice minions that are super handicapped. I’m not sure how long they’re gonna last with such low health either. I’m not in beta, but they seem kinda useless, yes?

Does talented Druid’s count as summoners?

You know something, I was actually wondering that myself. Perhaps @zephyr1 has the answer we both seek.

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Nope its been tested


Lady of the lake. Would synergize well.

Other option is:

PIB, Chesire, Azlar, Zimky, Guardian Panther.


I see what you did there!

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Go Thundercats go?


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I only have Seshat, Buddy and MN, so I’m not Sure what stack I would do…

Maybe 3/2 red/green with Buddy MN Tarlak PIB and Zim? Or Sesh, Panther Falcon (if I can grab them next month lol) and another red/purple maybe?

I pulled him Snow pixie and Grimble. Not sure how I would use him honestly

I wanted him like no other hero in the game.

I refuse to throw lots of money chasing a single hero, so I did around 40 card pulls total. No luck. He’ll come around again and leave without me pulling him.

If I pulled him…
I would replace Gravemaker on my defense.

I would go Onatel-Ariel-Yunan-Puss-Seshat. (each with emblems, mana troops of 17+)

But alas, not to be.

What did you expect? He’s a cat, their main task is to make the life of humans as difficult as possible.
Did 24 pulls and did not get him either, but I got my first Elena and Hansel x2 (though I have already 2, might as well max second one) and that works for me. But he can be pretty annoying, especially with Red Hood around.


One caveat with the QoH combo is that she would get taunt from her minion, but she would not have her special skill defense buff, which is a major synergy of her special.

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What am I missing about Puss in Boots that I’m not super excited that I pulled him? Maybe because I have only a small few minion summoners, or maybe because he wasn’t an issue to me during the challenge. I’m not sure. I’m actually ecstatic about Snow White though.


I tried to get him. He looked like more fun than anything. Im set on red heroes for a while so I was going to max him just for the enjoyment.

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Puss @3.10 now.

1st test on a minion rainbow.

Do we have a blue summoner?

Puss vs the Dark Lord:

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