Puss in Boots issue

So I’ve leveled up my Puss. Now it says “All summoners allies summon a minion for themselves”
Does this not mean each of my allies gets a mouse? Right now it only summons 3 mice for himself.


Puss in Boots summons a minion for each ally who can normally summon their own minion.

So Seshat would get her little skull guy, Mother North would get an elf, Telluria would get…a whatever the heck those things are…etc.

also: the Druid Talent doesn’t make a hero ‘a summoner.’ They have to do it with their Special.


Thank you. Love him now :nerd_face:

@Faron if you pull QoH, Boots is awesome with her. His special triggers her taunt when he summons her minion. :grin:


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