Puss in Boots - FIVE minions!

Dear all,

Have a look at the screenshot - somehow PiB managed to get five minions, which is my understanding that this should not be allowed.

Not sure how to reproduce it exactly, but I do have a feeling that rapid summoning of multiple minion generators is the cause.

By that I mean rapid clicking the hero’s special weapon simultaneously or in quick succession.

Using iPad Pro with latest iOS and game version.

Hope this helps!

Btw - it does look cool having five minions though!


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Do you know what order you summoned the minion?

Was it:
Puss then Freya then telly?

Or telly, puss, freya?



Thanks for the reply.

I have a feeling it was Freya, Telluria, PiB in fast succession, but I cannot repeat it just yet.

Will try some more to reproduce it.



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Also PiB will give telluria a green minion, so not necessarily telluria firing twice.

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If PiB had a raven and a forest minion and then firing there would be 5 minions as the three mice minions probably are programmed to always come as 3?

Ausajo - normally if PiB fires, all his current minions that he has are replaced with the three mice minions. Having the maximum three minions per hero is my understanding of the limits for any hero. Hence the creation of this post.

That’s my understanding as well. Just trying to come up with a logical explanation.

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