Puss in Boots emblem path?

Would appreciate advice/feedback regarding rouge emblems for puss and path direction.
Many thanks :blush:

For most rogues you’d look at maxing out their attack stat as they typically are dealing damage or tiles BUT puss is something of an oddity amongst the rogues.

He’s mainly a support hero more than anything.

As such, I would recommend running the Defence & Health path. I’d prioritise Health over Defence personally to make his minions more beefy.

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How does defense impact the minions? Do they have no defense at all or is the heros defense applied? If the latter is the case, shouldn’t the defense path be ideal, as 100% of the added defense impacts the minion while it’s only 10% of the added health? Hope you get what i’m trying to say, not a native speaker :sweat_smile:

Minions don’t specifically get attacked…

The “damage” is calculated off the strike to the owner; all the minions do is preferentially absorb some/all of that damage first.

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Thanks for the fast reply! That’s what i was trying to say. So the minions benefit from 100% of added defense to puss, while they only benefit from 10% of added health?! :thinking:

Word for word exactly where my thoughts are at for him… And the way I’ve gone.

Essentially yes… but his minions are already pretty low HP.

And of course minions summoned on other hero’s get their stats from their parent hero.

The only thing to consider here is that you get roughly twice the HP boost Vs defence points boost for your emblems so that’s effectively equivalent in the end…

But as more and more DoT hero’s get into the game, higher HP is a more effective sponge for that damage.

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Thanks, very helpful and much appreciated :sunglasses:

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